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Thursday, September 30, 2021

Business Ideas 365


By Anna Jordan on Small Business - Advice and Ideas for UK Small Businesses and SMEs


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Business Ideas 365 has ideas and motivation for business owners. The good news is that some of the tips are pretty easy to follow, like the ones in the post above.

Meanwhile, the Stories dishes out guidance on building your Instagram following and various other bits like building your home office and becoming a graphic designer. What’s more, the account itself is tagged in plenty of other insightful memes.

Their resident Amazon FBA (Fulfilment By Amazon) man, Bashar J Katou, has got you covered on the Reels front with info on how he started with Amazon FBA and has made it a success.

Links to Business Idea 365’s YouTube videos are in their Stories as well for even more tips.

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Anna Jordan, Khareem Sudlow