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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

5 Lessons from Hitting $100MM in Revenue #Ecommerce


By Smart Marketer | January 25, 2020

Our ecommerce company just passed $100 million in total revenue, and Ezra Firestone believes that if you master the basics, your business can get there too! In our latest segment of #WeOutHere, Ezra shares the 5 big ideas that helped us hit this milestone. You’ll learn how to think about products, how to leverage video advertising, why engaging content matters, and more.

Start 2021 off right — don’t miss Ezra’s wisdom on how to scale a brand to 9 figures!

You Will Learn:

    • The #1 “domino” you need in place to reach 9 figures
    • How big Ezra wants to grow BOOM! by 2025 (and his plan to do it)
    • How Pre-Sell Engagement Articles work
    • Why the Ambassador Blueprint is so valuable

Resources Links:

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