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Sunday, March 3, 2024

5 Content Marketing Ideas for April 2024 #Ecommerce


In April 2024, content marketers can tap into activities and niche holidays while introducing their products.

Content marketing is creating, publishing, and promoting content — articles, podcasts, videos — to attract, engage, and retain shoppers.

Content is the foundation for search engine optimization and lifecycle and social media marketing. It relies on reciprocity: Provide something of value, and readers will reciprocate by shopping in your online store.

Here are five content marketing ideas your business can use for April 2024.

Connect Activities and Products

Photo of hikers on the Camino de Santiago from the REI blog
Photo of hikers on the Camino de Santiago from the REI blog

REI’s blog includes posts that read like a magazine feature whilst promoting the products the company sells.

REI, the outdoor apparel and gear retailer, published an article called “How to Hike the Camino de Santiago” in January 2024. 

The article reads like an adventure magazine, with an overview of the trail’s history and useful information about making the trip. This piece could appear in search results about the Camino de Santiago or be featured in REI’s newsletter. 

The post, however, goes further. It includes a section about what to pack for the journey and links to several of REI’s products. The section makes sense in the article’s context, provides additional value to the reader, and helps REI sell.

For your company’s April content marketing, describe an activity your customers are likely interested in. Combine good, magazine-style writing with sensible product links.

National Welding Month

Photo of a person welding
Photo of a person welding

National Welding Month is an opportunity to reach blue-collar readers.

April 2024 is National Welding Month. The American Welding Society established the occasion to remind us how important welding is in our daily lives and to call attention to the shortage of skilled welders.

Admittedly, articles about National Welding Month will not work for every ecommerce shop. Still, it’s an opportunity for the right merchant to reach an audience of blue-collar workers and well-funded do-it-yourselfers.

Potential article titles include:

  • “The Future of Welding. Trends and Technologies,”
  • “Careers in Welding: Opportunities and Challenges,”
  • “Essential Gear for Every Welder.”

Aim for content to share via an email newsletter or social media, but don’t forget to publish it on your store’s website for SEO.

National Car Care Month

April 2024 is also National Car Care Month. It’s an opportunity to publish automobile-related content even for seemingly unrelated products.

Take, for example, “Mr Eric Bana’s Top Five Classic Cars,” an interview on Mr Porter’s blog published during National Car Care Month in 2016 with the actor, car enthusiast, and occasional race driver.

Screenshot of Mr Porter's blog post with a rare car.
Screenshot of Mr Porter's blog post with a rare car.

Mr Porter sells men’s clothing, but its online journal features all sorts of topics, including cars.

A similar article could include the favorite cars of your founders or top customers. Another could pair cars with the products your store carries. 

Imagine an online wine club with an article titled “If Brunellos Were Sports Cars, These Five Are Ferraris.”

National Burrito Day 

April 4, 2024, is National Burrito Day. The pseudo-holiday celebrates the ubiquitous Mexican-American dish. 

Traditional burritos are thin and simple, filled with meat, cheese, and little else. But in America burritos are often massive with diverse ingredients. 

For example, Iguanas restaurant in San Jose, Calf., makes a five-pound beast called the “Burritozilla” that could feed a family of four. And Better Homes & Gardens published a recipe for “Pad Thai Chicken Burritos,” demonstrating the diversity.

Screenshot of a promotion for the Burritozilla from the Iguanas restaurant in San Jose, Calf.
Screenshot of a promotion for the Burritozilla from the Iguanas restaurant in San Jose, Calf.

At five pounds and 18 inches, Burritozilla could feed a family of four.

The flexibility of burritos could provide compelling content for your business. Here are a few examples.

  • Kitchen supply shop: “Secret Ingredients behind Authentic Mexican Burritos.”
  • Online apparel boutique: “Fiesta Fashion Essentials for National Burrito Day.”
  • Luggage merchant: “Best Destinations for Burrito Lovers.”
  • Online toy store: “Burrito-themed Games for the Whole Family.”

National Handmade Day 

Photo of a person knitting
Photo of a person knitting

National Handmade Day occurs on the first Saturday in April.

The craftsperson Amy Bierstadt created National Handmade Day in 2017 to acknowledge the work and love that goes into unique, one-of-a-kind items.

The celebration — on the first Saturday in April, the 6th in 2024 — fits merchants selling kits, tools, and handicrafts. Content examples include patterns, blueprints, tutorials, recipes, and many more do-it-yourself products.  

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