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Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Bebas Neue Leads as the Internet’s Most Used Free Font #Ecommerce


Choosing the right font is more important than ever, especially for small businesses with an online presence. A recent study by has shed light on the most used free fonts on the internet, with Bebas Neue topping the list, a valuable insight for small business owners and designers.

Key Findings

1. Bebas Neue: The Champion of Free Fonts Bebas Neue emerged as the most popular free font with over 23 million downloads. This font’s widespread use on more than 210,000 websites is a testament to its versatility and appeal. For small businesses looking for a robust and appealing font without the cost, Bebas Neue is an excellent choice.

2. Lemon Milk and Waltograph: Strong Contenders Lemon Milk, with over 20 million downloads, and Waltograph, with over 12 million, are the second and third most downloaded fonts, respectively. Lemon Milk’s modern geometric appeal and Waltograph’s Disney-inspired design offer unique branding opportunities for businesses.

3. Diverse Styles in the Top Five: Chopin Script and Coolvetica round out the top five, each with close to 12 million downloads. Chopin Script’s elegant design and Coolvetica’s 1970s logo inspiration cater to a range of design aesthetics, offering flexibility for businesses in different industries.

4. Variety in the Top Ten: The list also includes Shorelines Script, Birds of Paradise, Caviar Dreams, Bebas, and Cheri. These fonts offer a range of styles, from the casual elegance of Shorelines Script to the playful charm of Cheri, providing ample options for small businesses to find their unique voice.

5. The Cost-Saving and Branding Benefits of Free Fonts: Gabriel Shaoolian, CEO and founder of, highlights the advantages of using free fonts. They are not only cost-effective but also play a significant role in online branding and print advertising. The right font can enhance a website’s design and help a business stand out.

For small businesses, the importance of a well-chosen font cannot be overstated. This study by offers valuable insights into popular free fonts like Bebas Neue, which can help businesses make informed decisions about their digital and print branding strategies. In an era where visual appeal is paramount, selecting the right font is a crucial step in crafting a unique and memorable brand identity.


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Small Business Editor, Khareem Sudlow