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Saturday, March 25, 2023

EarthCam launches IoT StreamCam 4K for retail interior construction #IoT


Grapevine, Texas, 20 March 2023 – EarthCam, a provider of live camera technology, content and services, has announced its latest visual data solutions for construction and facilities management at the SPECS retail industry conference. EarthCam will demonstrate new, cost-effective ways for retailers and contractors to incorporate jobsite cameras and an array of internet-of-things (IoT) sensors. These new innovations deliver superior insight to help retailers manage risk during new store construction and renovations.

 The new IoT StreamCam 4K allows up to eight separate low-power wireless devices to share a single 4G LTE data connection. This economical platform allows a selection of compact, accessory cameras and IoT sensors to document interior progress and jobsite conditions. Connecting Door Cams to the platform will log visitors, track deliveries and read simple QR codes to create an effective photo timeclock that accurately documents time-in and time-out. Alerts are configurable and include flood, smoke and glass-breakage, plus more from an ever-growing list of IoT devices.

“EarthCam’s decades-long commitment to retail construction has given us a deep understanding of the requirements that the industry has for visual information,” says Brian Cury, founder & CEO at EarthCam. “The new IoT StreamCam 4K is EarthCam’s best-in-class, and is central to providing data-rich video to monitor jobsites, document progress, and reduce delays.”

The IoT StreamCam 4K adds value by expanding coverage for interior projects and is part of EarthCam’s complete visual data ecosystem for retail. Combined with IoT sensors, this system provides live-streaming, high-resolution video, AI analytics, 4K time-lapse and environmental data to keep facilities safe and projects on schedule.

Weighing less than 10 pounds, the IoT StreamCam 4K is easy to set up and relocate, includes a heavy duty tripod, advanced battery backup and up to 365 days of encrypted, continuous security recording.

EarthCam’s Control Center has long been the software of choice among industry for smart project documentation, marketing, safety and security. EarthCam provides camera rentals, professional installation and reality capture services to make construction project management visual data. Mobile apps provide convenient access to all visual information from the field. To learn more about EarthCam’s services for retail construction, visit EarthCam’s exhibit #312 at the SPECS Show or here.

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March 25, 2023 at 02:56AM by Shriya Raban, Khareem Sudlow