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Friday, October 14, 2022

How to Build Innovative Sites with Shopify #StartUps


When you are thinking of giving a boost to your business, a thoughtful decision is to build an online store. Wondering why? In this digital era, eCommerce is booming. Its rapid growth itself speaks about the need for a digital presence. But how to create an online store? Well, have you thought of building with Shopify? As per BuiltWith, there are more than 5099130 live websites on Shopify, the highest in number. The number itself speaks. Convinced? Now let us see the ways to build an innovative site with the help of Shopify.

Steps to Build Innovative Sites on Shopify

Go through the account creation guide for your first online store at Shopify:

Step 1: Make Yourself Familiar with the Shopify Development App

shopify development app


Firstly, you need to ensure that Shopify is the best option for you. To do so, you can explore the website thoroughly. You can go through the theme library and app store, and get an idea of how the website works. While browsing the website, you can keep a note of apps or themes to use later. Also, note down the associated prices to get an idea about the total cost that will go into website creation. You can even go with the trial period first to understand its functionality.

Step 2: Sign up on Shopify

sign up on spotify


To begin with the website creation, you need to first sign up on Shopify. All you require to do here is add your email address, password, and also your store name. You can proceed with the trial version or select your preferred plan.

Step 3: Give More Details About Your Store

store details shopify


Shopify Development App will ask you for some more details about your store. You can fill out the questionnaire and continue to the next step.

Step 4: Add Products

add products shopify


From the left-side menu, click on “Products” to add some of your business products. You get an option to add a title, price, image, and description of the product. Try to add as much information as possible. The more information you will provide, the easier you can categorize them.

Step 5: Select the Theme for your Website and Customize it

select theme shopify


A default theme is set according to your category selection in the questionnaire. But as per your selected plan, you get the option to change the theme. You can see the preview of your selected theme from the options:

Actions -> preview

You can even customize it. To do so go to:

Customize -> Theme settings

Now, you can change the colors, borders, image opacity, and typography of the website. Here you also get the option to add a social sharing button. You can even get a notification when something new is there in the cart.

Step 6: Edit Home Page and Add More Pages

edit homepage


Now you can return to your website home page and make the required changes like editing the header and footer. You can also edit, delete, or can move the sections. Once you complete the changes, do not forget to save them. You can add additional pages to your online store.

Step 7: Add Title and Meta Description

add title


Now it’s time to add the things to make it look in the search engine. You can add a title and meta description while going into the options:

Online store -> Preferences

You can also add an image that is to be shared on social media.

Step 8: Select Delivery and Payment Option



Now comes another important step, i.e. setting the payment and delivery options. Select the delivery options that will be available for your customers at checkout. You also need to select whether the deliveries are domestic or international and pickup rates too. Also, select the package size in which products will be shipped.

Also, select the payment methods through which you will accept payments from customers.

Step 9: Select Domain and Launch Website

launch website


Till this stage, your website will be in the Shopify domain name. Like in order to make it more professional, it is better to buy a domain name.

Now, it’s time to launch your website. But it will be password protected till the time you buy some plan. By this time, if anyone visits the website, they can only see the holding page, because they do not have the password.


Creating your website at Shopify is very easy. The only thing you need to do is follow the steps discussed above in the right manner. We hope you get great success in your online business after the creation of your innovative site on Shopify.

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