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Saturday, September 17, 2022

Seek Out These 3 Groups of People to Grow and Learn #BusinessTips


Last week an entrepreneur was sharing about a concept he heard on a recent podcast episode from My First Million. Generally, one of the best ways to grow and learn is from other entrepreneurs. Only, it shouldn’t be done randomly. Instead, there are three groups of people entrepreneurs should seek out and building relationships with:

  • Done it Before
    Entrepreneurs that have done it before and are already successful is the most common and sought after group. This group is often the highest demand, so it can be challenging to break into, but often has rich wisdom and experience to share. Sometimes the best route to access this group is indirectly through service providers or other trusted connections. Ask your lawyer, accountant, and banker if they have any introductions. Also, try reaching out directly to people in this group through email or direct messages with a compelling reason why you’d like to meet them and talk.
  • Doing it Now
    Entrepreneurs actively in the arena scaling their company are my favorite group to learn from. Organizations like EO and YPO have incredible programs and peer group forums designed specifically for learning and growing. Often, you can reach out directly to this group and share you’re in the same city, industry, or vertical. Check out a list like the Inc. 5000 to start searching for entrepreneurs.
  • Starting Out
    Entrepreneurs that are just starting out have the most energy, unique perspectives, and unbridled optimism. For entrepreneurs that have been doing it a while, this group can bring the newest ideas and freshest insights. Many communities have Meetup groups across a number of categories and topics that bring entrepreneurs together.

The next time an entrepreneur says they’re looking for help and mentorship from other entrepreneurs, share that they should seek out entrepreneurs from three different groups — ones that have Done it Before, are Doing it Now, and just Starting Out.



David Cummings, Khareem Sudlow