SmartSense by Digi introduces healthcare advisory board to empower customers, enhance IoT solutions #IoT - The Entrepreneurial Way with A.I.


Tuesday, August 23, 2022

SmartSense by Digi introduces healthcare advisory board to empower customers, enhance IoT solutions #IoT


Boston – SmartSense by Digi, part of Digi International and a global provider of Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity solutions, has launched a new Healthcare Advisory Board to help healthcare organisations mitigate operational risk, streamline standard operating procedures, and simplify compliance. The Board aims to empower, engage, and educate customers on the increasing sophistication of IoT healthcare solutions, leading to improved efficiency, patient care, and safety.

The Healthcare Advisory Board will be chaired by James Langabeer, PhD, a professor of healthcare informatics and decision sciences at a major academic medical centre, and founder of Yellowstone Research, LLC, a boutique strategy consultancy specialising in competitive intelligence and market research for the healthcare industry. Inaugural members will also include:

  • Keith Perry, senior vice president and CIO of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, where he oversees enterprise IT strategy and execution.
  • Richard McFee, chief of supply chain management at the University of Mississippi Medical Centre. He specialises in logistics and supply chain management, hospital support services, biomedical services, and care compliance management.
  • Summer Kerley, vice president of clinical services and business development for Rite Aid Corporation. She oversees clinical pharmacy initiatives that enhance the ability to deliver a higher level of patient care.
  • Andy Draper, CIO of HCA Continental Division. In addition to his CIO duties, he has been a three-time entrepreneur and self-described sherpa for more than 12 health tech firms. He specialises in data sources, methods, and technology for the plant’s journey to carbon zero.

“The SmartSense Healthcare Advisory Board marks an important milestone in the transformational growth for our company,” says Guy Yehiav, president of SmartSense by Digi. “The Board features a diverse range of expertise drawn from some of the brightest minds in healthcare, technology, supply-chain management, patient care, pharmaceuticals, and more. These distinguished industry leaders will provide insights and recommendations to healthcare organisations, enabling them to more effectively leverage IoT solutions that overcome industry challenges.”

“Many organisations have only just dipped their toes into the many opportunities that advanced technologies, like IoT, can bring to their healthcare organisations,” says Langabeer. “I’m eager to work with the other members of the Board and the SmartSense team to help the industry maximise the full potential of these technologies, helping organisations improve better patient care and streamline operations.”

The SmartSense Healthcare Advisory Board’s first meeting takes place Oct. 16-18 in Boston.

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August 23, 2022 at 07:17AM by Shriya Raban, Khareem Sudlow