Newly upgraded FineShare FineCam! A smart virtual camera makes video production easier #IoT - The Entrepreneurial Way with A.I.


Thursday, August 11, 2022

Newly upgraded FineShare FineCam! A smart virtual camera makes video production easier #IoT


Los Angeles, United States. 08 August, 2022 – FineShare Co., Ltd. announced the latest version of FineShare FineCam – an AI-powered virtual camera software. To meet the expectations of customers, FineShare FineCam now is available for Mac and rolls out some brand new features including advanced adjustment, webcam overlay, branding templates, low light video booster, auto framing, etc.

FineShare FineCam can not only turn any camera such as iPhone, iPad, and GoPro into an HD webcam but can also easily capture memorable moments with a crisp, clear vision. It upgrades users’ webcams, gives videos a cinematic feel, and makes users look better in Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Twitch, OBS, Adobe Premiere Pro, etc.

With FineShare FineCam, users can shoot with a multi-camera setup. Switch to landscape mode/portrait mode, change the front camera from the rear camera, use both front and rear cameras, or more, just at your fingertips.

Besides replacing messy webcam backgrounds with millions of free stunning images, FineShare FineCam gives users the ability to set videos, YouTube videos, PowerPoint slides, and web pages as virtual backgrounds and overlay themselves over PPT/video/webpage backgrounds. By using deep learning to process real-time videos, FineShare FineCam can adjust light and focus automatically.

FineShare FineCam provides pre-made branding templates. Users can choose one and create a cool design in seconds. Working with over 800 communication tools, FineShare FineCam builds a bridge between users’ devices and communication tools. With just one click, users can use FineShare FineCam with any communication app.

To learn more details about FineShare FineCam, click FineShare.

“A high-quality virtual camera is essential to successful virtual presentations. We already have seen users including senior managers, teachers, students, and experts speak highly of FineShare FineCam and said they would be happy to use FineShare FineCam as their main virtual cameras,” says Jared Dun, the founder, and the CEO of FineShare Co., Ltd. “We believe the versatility of FineShare FineCam would serve the larger group of users. We will continue to make improvements to our software, making everyone shoot cinematic videos like a pro and get a good camera shooting experience.”

To celebrate the release of FineShare FineCam for Mac, FineShare will hold a giveaway to give back to customers. Click here to learn more FineShare.

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August 11, 2022 at 05:08AM by Janmesh Chintankar, Khareem Sudlow