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Thursday, August 25, 2022

Increasing Flow Attributed Revenue 46% With Klaviyo #Ecommerce


The Challenge:

Elmhurst Milked was founded in 1925 as a dairy production and delivery service in New York City. This family-owned and operated brand successfully operated in its original format until 2016 when its last dairy production facility was closed. While this company no longer delivers its product in vans stuffed with ice blocks, the milk-at-your-doorstep tradition lives on in its modern form. Now, this brand provides organic plant-based milk alternatives to those who prefer them over traditional dairy products.

Having begun to curate an online presence in 2017, they found that while they were experts in creating delicious plant-based milk alternatives, they needed assistance when it came to email marketing. This client faced challenges in producing each email campaign on time, increasing open rates and maximizing email-attributed revenue. 

Our Approach

Although Elmhurst was leveraging Klaviyo to send campaign-based emails, they were not using the platform’s advanced functionality. Additionally, Elmhurst was sending generic, non-personalized mass emails to prospective and returning customers.

This client was looking for a team of eCommerce-specialized marketing professionals who would go beyond maintaining the current email marketing efforts already in place. Elmhurst Milked was seeking an agency that could become an extension of their current team and improve their email engagement and performance. 

To start our engagement, we created bi-weekly email newsletters that the Elmhurst Milked team previously handled internally. Now, our team creates a content calendar with creative and content briefs for each email. Once approved, the brand provides us with visuals for our marketing team to implement within each email.

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Our team wanted to enable this client to take advantage of the advanced functionality that their Klaviyo account offered. Klaviyo Flows are this email service provider’s node-based eCommerce automation solution. We began by setting up the most basic and necessary Flows using Klaviyo’s easy-to-implement integration with Shopify. Below are just a few examples of the first Flows our team implemented for Elmhurst Milked.

Post-Purchase Flow:

The post-purchase flow is key to letting customers know that their order has been received and processed. This email will have a very simple headline such as “Hey *First Name*, We Got Your Order!”. It will contain the order number, a receipt, a thank you note, and any expected next steps. 

Our post-purchase flow includes a link to resources such as recipes that can be made with these milk alternatives. We also include information regarding proper storage methods to keep the product in a consumable state for as long as possible.  

Best of all, due to the Shopify integration, this information is pulled and sent automatically without manual backend input.

Welcome Series:unnamed (3)

We implemented the welcome series email flow to let Elmhurst Milked website visitors know that their contact information was received. This flow is triggered when a website visitor signs up and consents to email marketing from Elmhurst Milked. 

Additionally, this email flow contains a discount code that prompts the visitor to make their first purchase. Lastly, we implemented a series of additional emails with content that improves brand confidence by answering anticipated questions.

Winback Flow:

The Winback Flow is sent to email subscribers who have not opened a predetermined number of emails. We designed this flow to trigger after a subscriber has not opened 8 emails consecutively.

The purpose of this flow is to “win back” the unengaged email subscriber. The emails in this flow make use of very sticky headlines and coupon codes on specific products to encourage a purchase or engagement.

Lead Nurturing Flow:

We implemented this Flow to help visitors become more comfortable with the brand and products offered. This series of emails is sent to website visitors who exhibited browsing behavior that shows they are not yet ready to purchase. 

This aligns with overall best practices to provide email subscribers with informational resources that create a sense of trust.

Continued Growth:


Once all of these standard email flows were implemented, it was time to update and optimize them further based on the information gathered since they went live. After this initial setup, our team implemented additional flows to further increase revenue attributed to email marketing.

Subscription Flow:

We implemented a welcome flow for the newly added recurring subscription functionality from Recharge. This series of emails informed email subscribers that this feature was now available. Additionally, it describes how the subscriptions work, as well as the regular discounts customers receive when they subscribe.

Subscription Winback Flow:

Furthermore, our team implemented a subscription win-back Flow. This means that when a user decides to cancel their recurring subscription, they receive emails encouraging them to re-subscribe. We incorporated specific benefits of subscribing and a generous coupon code within each email to encourage re-engagement.

Abandoned Cart Flow:

The final Flow our team implemented was for abandoned carts. The abandoned cart flow recognizes when a known user adds a product or products to their cart and leaves the page before converting. The emails sent to the visitor showed the products in their carts and offered a time-sensitive incentive to convert.  These emails were key to closing the small gap users need to purchase.

The Results:

Elmhurst Image 2

In the time period following these implementations, Elmhurst Milked saw significant advances in its email-attributed revenue.

+27% increase in email-attributed revenue QoQ

+46% increase in Flow-attributed revenue YoY

If you and your eCommerce team are looking for email marketing results like these, reach out to our eCommerce experts using the form below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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