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Thursday, March 3, 2022

4 Commonly Overlooked Branding Opportunities #StartUps


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Most people think that branding depends on a particular symbol or design of a company’s logo to market its services and products. That may be true before, but branding encompasses a broader definition these days. 

Branding involves anything that a business owner does to leave a memorable impression on customers. Your brand should resonate in these aspects, from packaging to design to marketing. Doing this will help your target audience understand your business and why you stand among others. 

Thus, you may want to consider doing the following overlooked branding opportunities to leave a lasting impression on your customers:

1. Create Eye-Catching Visuals.

The most fundamental aspect of your branding strategies should have eye-catching visuals. Visuals have a significant impact, whether it’s for your logo, printed ads, or online content. For instance, the labels for your products must have compelling and proper colors and characters. You can achieve this by having custom stickers you can quickly put on your products. If you want personalized labels, you can click here to check how custom sticker providers can help you.  

Meanwhile, your online stores or websites should have visually engaging content displayed on each page. So, when customers visit your site, they’re more likely to stay and keep on browsing your page.  

Choosing images to help your marketing strategies is vital in this area. This means you may want to consider using sober and simpler colors for your color schemes. Most importantly, it’s best to choose images that speak about your content or product. That way, your target audience will understand the pictures at a glance.  

2. Use Referrals.

With referral marketing, you can use your audience base for advertising your brand. Your readers or followers can help spread the word about your products or services by creating content that highlights your brand. If they have more followers, it’s more likely to reach more people who will engage with your brand. 

In exchange, you must give them a percentage of every referral they make who purchases your product or services. This is a good branding opportunity because if the members of your referral system are big influencers, then you can leverage their following, too. 

3. Prioritize Mobile Marketing.

The pandemic has increased the screentime of most mobile users. Since people stay indoors more, they tend to use their mobile phones more for entertainment and the like. This is an excellent opportunity to let mobile users recognize your brand, so you must utilize mobile marketing

This means engaging with potential customers on various social media platforms, mobile apps, and other platforms. Most importantly, you must always focus on making your website mobile optimized. This means mobile users will have a good browsing experience when visiting your site. 

With such, here are some factors you need to consider for mobile optimization: 

  • Each page should be able to adjust to any mobile screen device.
  • Visitors should be able to read texts or view images.
  • The buttons or links should have enough spaces apart so that visitors can avoid accidentally hitting them. 
  • Your site should load fast so that people will not leave and find other similar fast-loading sites. 

4. Tell A Story.

Your brand should also have a story. If you use storytelling, your potential audience may empathize with you. This means they can remember your business because they can relate to your story. Do so in your content on social media or websites.

Don’t just create advertisements about your product or services. Instead, maximize your website, and turn it into a storytelling platform. You can make content that will compel them to do business with you or why they should choose your brand. 

With such, you must make each word count. Let your content guide them to make a decision. For instance, your website may include articles enumerating the benefits of availing your services. Highlight your visitors’ problems, then show them how your brand can help resolve such issues. That’s why the heading or title should immediately tell readers what the entire article will be all about. They’re more likely to be hooked and continue reading. Like a story that engages, they’re more likely to finish such an article if it resonates with them. 


There are more overlooked branding opportunities, but the above are the most common ones. Most may think that they’re only for marketing your business, but only a few take them as opportunities to make their brand more impressionable. Instead of attracting people to buy your products, you must also pay attention to ways to make them remember your brand. So that when they need services or products similar to yours, you’ll be their first option. 


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