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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Small Business’ Thirsty 30 2022 – the top fast growth beverage brands in the UK


By Nick Ismail on Small Business UK - Advice and Ideas for UK Small Businesses and SMEs

As consumers look for more innovative, high quality and unique products when it comes to food, the number of fast growth beverage brands has exploded in the UK, with an increased focus on craft, health and sustainability.

With this in mind, Small Business is delighted to announce the Thirsty 30, where we identify our top fast growth beverage brands in the UK.

In alphabetical order, below we reveal a huge variety of fast growth beverage brands, ranging from gourmet popcorn, seaweed and noodles, to exclusive ingredient delivery boxes.

Check out the full 2021 Thirsty 30 below, and follow the links to learn more about each of these innovative businesses. 

If, after reading more about these fantastic brands, you’d like to set up your own business, check out our business ideas channel, Start a New Business.

*At the end of our list are some honourable mentions and more information on how we selected these brands.

Small Business’ Thirsty 30 2022 – the top fast growth beverage brands in the UK

200 Degrees

Based in Nottingham, 200 Degrees is an artisan specialist coffee roaster, proprietors of distinctive coffee shops and barista schools, and unashamedly proud to be coffee geeks. They supply wholesale coffee, equipment and training to the UK.

Bermondsey Mixer Co

Bermondsey Tonic is a set of mixers designed to be paired with gin and other spirits. The key difference with their tonic is that the Quinine used is extracted naturally from the South American Cinchona bark.


Biotiful has brought Kefir to the UK. They produce award winning cultured dairy with billions of live cultures, packed with protein and supports immunity, and gut-health naturally. Made with British milk from Organic or Red Tractor approved farms with no sugar added.

Chegworth Valley

Chegworth Valley is a family owned and run fruit farm situated in the heart of the Kent countryside, established in 1983 by the Deme family. They hand-select a range of fruits, like apple and pear, when perfectly ripe, to give their juices the best flavour possible and ensuring superior quality from blossom to bottle.


Through a traditional distillation process, CleanCo have created a range of delicious, full flavoured non-alcoholic alternatives to your favourite full strength spirits.

Cocoba Chocolate

Cocoba produces great quality chocolate products and drinks, like hot chocolate and iced drinks, with real Belgium chocolate.


Dalston’s Soda makes uniquely tasty drinks using real fruit and sparkling water, with no refined sugar, and no junk.


Dash infuse their sparkling waters with real, wonky fruit. That’s bent, crushed, curved, knobbly, misshapen fruit which others say no to. By accepting the misfits they are helping to reduce food waste.


Eager fruit juices are 100% natural, with no artificial additives, while the tonics are made using natural dried fruit peels, gently steeped for hours. They’re designed to play their part in creating the best cocktails and mixed drinks.


Folkington’s originally launched with six varieties of fruit juices, which quickly expanded to ten varieties, and is now complemented by their sparkling pressés, tonic waters and other mixers.

Gibson’s Goodology

Gibson’s Goodology are a range of drinks that were created because of a deep belief in the restorative harmony of CBD to help each of us turn up better, live better and love better.


Unlocking nature’s best kept secret, GoodRays delivers premium cannabis seltzers, all natural with 30mg CBD and 0% THC.


Bubbles from bees. Everything Gosnells does starts with honey. To make their session meads they carefully blend an ever changing cast of honeys, to get the same depth of flavour year after year.

Happy Inside

Happy Inside produce lip smacking still drinks, with natural ingredients, including Japanese Knotweed, to improve gut health.


Jitterbug is a range of Apple Cider Vinegar seltzers that are useful in controlling blood glucose levels, promoting good gut health, speeding up digestion and general vitality.

Kloris CBD

Although technically not a beverage, we felt Kloris deserved a place on this list.

Kloris combines CBD, cultivated and extracted in the most respectful and sustainable way, with organic ingredients to deliver products that are truly a joy to use, with efficacy the core purpose.

Lo Bros Living Drinks

Lo Bros is a living drinks brand with a unique range of soft drinks. They’re organic, vegan, made using natural ingredients and carefully crafted in the UK to ensure there are millions of living cultures in every single bottle.


MEDAHUMAN’s range of CBD drinks contain nootropics, adaptogens, nutrients and 20mg of best-in-class micro encapsulated broad-spectrum CBD for maximum absorption, rapid delivery and effectiveness.

Mockingbird Raw Press

Mockingbird extracts the raw goodness of handpicked natural ingredients to produce a fresh range of fruit juices and smoothies.


Parachute was founded in Dublin by four friends at the beginning of 2019. They wanted to not only create a tasty, healthy drink but also to build a community that promotes calm with CBD.

Plenish Drinks

Plenish is an award-winning plant-powered drinks brand that’s on a mission to fuel a healthier world. Their products are designed to maximise plant-fuelled nutrition and minimise our impact on the planet.

Punchy Drinks

Punchy Drinks make premium soft drinks, mixed with adventurous flavours and all-natural ingredients, designed to transport you to happy times.

Pure Sport CBD

Pure Sport CBD is a range of natural wellness products to optimise the mind and body.

Raw Bean Proper Coffee

Raw Bean’s aim is to provide great tasting coffee. They do this through sourcing high quality beans and roasting to order so that consumers get the freshly roasted aroma and taste only fresh coffee can give.

Remedy Drinks

Remedy Drinks have created one of the healthiest kombucha drinks – fermented tea – going around: it contains no sugar, naturally, and is chock-full of all the right stuff: live cultures, organic acids and antioxidants.

Silent Pool Distillers

Silent Pool Distillers is an award winning artisan distillery in the Surrey Hills.

The Berry Company

The Berry Company pride’s itself on sourcing the best and most exotic ingredients and botanicals from around the world that deliver light and balanced flavours, full of taste and goodness, for their range of juices.

The Duppy Share

In the Caribbean they believe that Jamaican spirits, known as Duppies, swoop between the distilleries stealing the best of the rum as it ages in oak barrels. These fun loving spirits live to unite friends, and help to create memories that will last forever.

The Duppy Share is not just a celebration of rum, but also a celebration of the Caribbean.


TRIP is one of the UK’s leading premium CBD drinks brand. With 15mg CBD per can, TRIP is powered by adaptogens – so you can relax into your best self.


Union was founded to make coffee better for everyone. They roast exciting, hard-to-find speciality coffee, sourced from the finest coffee from farmers.

Honourable mentions: Duskin Apple Juice and Wing Walker Rum.

The Selection Process

With thousands of beverage brands entering the UK market every year, we spent a lot of time searching for the most innovative fast growth brands available in both physical stores and online. We look for businesses that are disrupting their markets and prioritising high quality, healthy and sustainably sourced ingredients.

The criteria for entry are: you must be a UK-based business, with a focus on health, sustainability and quality.

During the selection stage stage, we also look at turnover for the previous financial year.

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