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Monday, December 6, 2021

Green Custard Ltd develop robust predictive maintenance system for Martin Engineering Ltd #IoT


Green Custard Ltd, a professional services company and AWS Advanced Consulting partner, together with Eseye Ltd (also an AWS partner) has been selected by Martin Engineering Ltd to build a global predictive maintenance and monitoring platform on AWS so their localised US platform can be rolled out internationally.

Renowned for making bulk materials handling processes cleaner, safer, and more productive, Martin Engineering has produced a portfolio of conveyor belt accessories and process flow aids, all of which are proactively monitored using inhouse maintenance and monitoring technology, to assure performance and reliability.

To expand the marketing reach of their predictive maintenance system, the engineering firm wanted to rollout its US-centric system across Europe and EMEAI. They embarked on a procurement process to source an experienced IoT infrastructure company to help them develop a global predictive maintenance platform that would provide accurate and actionable insight into different installations around the world. Green Custard was shortlisted for the project because of their experience in AWS IoT services, their knowledge of AWS CloudFormation and their proven ability to meet tight deadlines.

Working closely with Martin Engineering’s support team, Green Custard leveraged their expertise in AWS IoT services as well as their proficiency in AWS CloudFormation, to review the engineering firm’s existing solution, looking at both code and AWS best practices. Based on this analysis, Green Custard’s R&D team exploited the capabilities of AWS CloudFormation to template the solution, so the system could be swiftly and cost effectively rolled out to new regions in EMEAI. Green Custard also provided advice on changes to existing mobile apps and gateways to support new regions, thus ensuring reliability and security for Martin Engineering’s existing customer base.

Mark Slack

“Partnership with Green Custard and Eseye made it possible for Martin Engineering to localise the solution and get it ready for fast market roll out internationally,” explaines Mark Slack, global product manager for transformational growth at Martin Engineering.

Eseye’s multi-IMSI eSIM and Connectivity Management technology and extensive technical onboarding process allowed all IoT devices to be remotely configured, tested and validated for international deployment, giving Martin Engineering total assurance on device connectivity and reliability.

Using IoT and cellular connectivity, the innovative predictive maintenance platform, jointly developed by Green Custard and Eseye Ltd has accelerated the deployment of industrial cleaning tools and other flow process accessories in wide scale use on large industrial sites in Europe, EMEA and North America.

“The Martin Engineering team have a true passion for what they do, tapping into this helped us deliver a perfect solution. We have experienced a great sense of achievement in helping them target new markets and through providing guidance on future business opportunities around IoT,” says Jonathan Custance, director at Green Custard.

Since going live, Martin Engineering have successfully deployed and tested their IoT solution in five new regions without increasing their operational and support overheads. Moreover, all implementations were achieved in minutes, with comprehensive testing completed within 24 hours, whilst ensuring compliance with local privacy laws.

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December 6, 2021 at 02:28AM by Anasia D'mello, Khareem Sudlow