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Monday, December 27, 2021

Attributes Of A Good Content Delivery Network #StartUps



Cloud technology is revolutionizing how we store data and interact with applications today. Businesses that adopt cloud technology find a complete solution for improving their work processes. But cloud technologies depend on a content delivery network, CDN, to bring tremendous benefits to users.

A content delivery network is a group of servers distributed within a geographic location. A content delivery network is like a water dispenser; having a network of water dispensers in an area makes it easier for many people to access the water supply simultaneously without crowds’ challenges. That is the same principle behind the operation of a content delivery network.

Clients seeking to migrate their data storage and workload to the cloud face one problem: identifying the best content delivery networks. Choosing one from the plethora of content delivery networks can be challenging. However, seven essential attributes make a suitable content delivery network.

Edge Computing

Technically, edge computing is different from content delivery networks. However, modern content delivery networks are being revived and expanded through edge computing. Edge computing processes workload and promotes dynamic caching to improve the efficiency of content delivery networks. It is now essential for a good content delivery network to deploy edge computing to scale services.

 Availability and Dependability

When choosing a content delivery network, availability and dependability are essential factors. It is vital that a firm offering this service can deliver at any time, having a robust system that rises to any occasion. The CDN should make content readily accessible at all times, irrespective of an increase in bandwidth. A surge in web traffic can result in massive pressure on the host and content delivery system. A good content delivery network firm takes that burden by providing a cloud-based system that constantly and rapidly evolves to accommodate increased traffic. Using a content delivery network to cache content according to geographical distribution eases the burden on the web.


Speed is an essential component of any IT system. Today, a 2-second delay can cause massive losses for businesses. Latency can severely impact the overall of your business. A good content delivery network brings content closer to users, removing traditional data systems experience. For context, if a server is located in Italy and a visitor from Brazil sends a request to access content, it would have to travel to Italy before retrieving content back to the visitor. This roundtrip can take a few extra seconds.

However, a cloud content delivery network deploys cached content to servers closer to visitors.

Safety and Security

Cyber threats are evolving at a fast rate. Cloud infrastructures face new and existing threats that make it essential to implement robust and proactive security protocols. A good CDN must go beyond industry standards to seek out new threats before evolving beyond their security protocols. A combination of identity management and enterprise application access improves the security control of a content delivery network by verifying users’ identities and granting access to the suite of applications through a firewall built to protect users of every category.

Intelligence and Data Gathering

Intelligence is information-based decision-making. Content delivery networks are close to users and therefore have first contact with user data. It is essential that they intelligently gather data from users to help clients make better decisions. Integrating end-user analytics and feedback improves information gathering and ensures that clients have a read pool of information.

Customer-Centric Approach

Customers are at the heart of any business. Every protocol deployed on content delivery systems must improve customers’ efficiency, protect their interests, and keep operations seamless. That sounds simple, but it is a people-driven policy to advance customer satisfaction at its core.

Finding a suitable content delivery network might be daunting at first, but learning to recognize these attributes in a firm will narrow the options down for you. As a client, put your needs first at all times; remember that you can migrate your work and processes to the cloud and step into a world of efficiency, mobility, and safety.

Global adoption of cloud technology is at an all-time high. More businesses are leveraging content delivery networks to reach more people around the world. Give your business the advantage of cloud technology.



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