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Friday, December 10, 2021

5 Ways To Digitize Your Small Business #StartUps


The world is more technology-focused now more than ever. You might want to consider going digital with the COVID-19 pandemic raging and with no end to it in sight. Digitization is one of the main ways to save your small business from collapsing.

Digitization of a business is the process of incorporating technology into your different business operations. The main aim of this is to increase productivity and efficiency, as well as to further enhance the consumer experience and generate leads for the business. There are a lot of third-party businesses that offer small businesses free web tools that will help them manage the different processes involved in the digitization process.

Before you begin the digitization process, it’s crucial to develop a working marketing strategy for your business. Set your goals down clearly so you could prioritize which processes should be laid down first and which ones are not as important.

In this article, several steps have been compiled to help smooth the digitization process of your business.

1. Make A Business Website.

A crucial step to digitize your business is creating a business website. This will help you not only create a strong online presence but also help you maintain it as well. A business website is the modern-day reception room. It’s where you’ll engage with your existing consumer base and first meet your potential customers. A lot of potential customers will search for your business first before stepping onto your physical premises. As it’s well known, first impressions count.

2. Work On Your SEO.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a tool used by businesses to drive traffic to your website. It aims to improve the position of your website when it appears on a search results page.  The average internet user will not scroll down past the top 10 search results they encounter and very rarely go past the first page of those results. The higher up you rank on a search results page, the greater chance your website will be noticed.

Good SEO practices include:

  • The identification of keywords that are commonly used with good search potential. 
  • Placing relevant backlinks in the appropriate places from high authority sites.
  • Producing high-quality content that addresses the exact needs of your customer base and this is where the backlinks will be placed strategically.

3. Use CRM Software.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software is a digital tool that helps you organize and manage the customer information you collect.

Depending on the outcomes you are looking for, different CRM software can be used to target specific business objectives. CRM software can track and analyze consumer behavior and can be used as feedback into understanding the products and services your customers are most interested in.  This also shows which ones need to go back into development. You can launch a successful email strategy, where you send affiliated products or services promotions to your consumers based on what they’ve already bought from you. 

When used effectively, CRM software will help your business increase consumer satisfaction,  Thus, it’s strengthening the bond with your consumer base and help you create more effective marketing strategies in the future.

4. Create An App.

There’s an application for everything nowadays and there is a good reason for this. With your application installed on your consumer’s phone and computer, a customer will see your logo multiple times throughout the day. This could be a means of free marketing and an effective way to promote brand awareness.

Having an app allows for easier and swifter communication between you and your customers. It makes the placing of product orders or the scheduling of a service a much more pleasant experience.  The customer usually pays if they’re happy and satisfied.

5. Online Payment Technology.

Online payment methods are a convenience that can’t be overstated. There are several prominent online payment platforms should be incorporated into your website and app. However, it’s critical to place these technologies in a suitable and strategic location on your website and app. On one end, customers should not struggle to find where they have to click to pay. Also, there must not be a nagging alert showing them where they can pay. This is a delicate balance to maintain.

When employing online payment methods it’s imperative to ensure your consumers’ privacy and safety by having the relevant security technologies in place.


While it’s not exhaustive if followed, the ways to digitize listed in this article could go a long way. It’s crucial in helping your small business stay on top of the competition. With this list, you may experience positive growth in the current unstable landscape it has found itself in.


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