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Monday, November 22, 2021

We've never seen this 1TB Samsung SSD so cheap in the UK


When shopping around for the best SSD deals, you don't want to go for the fastest NVMe PCIe drives since they will still cost a fortune when looking at the price per GB. If you need those high transfer speeds, it'll be well worth it, but for most applications (including games) more affordable SSDs like the Samsung 870 QVO will do just fine.

For Black Friday, we're seeing a full 41% discount from the original asking price on Amazon UK, making the most affordable we've seen the 870 QVO so far. If you've been sitting on the fence to wait for a better time to upgrade older storage or to install a few games and cut down on load times, this is a great deal.

Samsung 870 QVO 1TB SSD | Save £42

This 2.5-inch SSD from Samsung offers fantastic value at its full price, but discounted by a full 42% makes it even more of an enticing upgrade path for desktop and laptop PCs. This price works out to about 6p per GB, almost rivaling that of mechanical HDDs.

£61 at Amazon UK

In our full review of the Samsung 870 QVO, we appreciated the solid reliable performance of the SATA interface, not to mention the possibility of going up to 8TB if your budget allows. The three-year warranty also sweetens the already tasty deal, especially at this low price. Samsung throws in some decent companion software that you actually may want to use.

This 1TB drive is capable of hitting up to 560 MB/s and 530 MB/s for read and write speeds, respectively. This won't win the Samsung 870 QVO awards for outright performance, but its value is where this family of SSDs really comes out on top. If you want a new drive to boost the speed of your OS boot times or to store games, this is a fine deal.

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