Using a custom router to protect 6,000 Slush Puppie machines from expensive malfunctions #IoT - The Entrepreneurial Way with A.I.


Monday, November 15, 2021

Using a custom router to protect 6,000 Slush Puppie machines from expensive malfunctions #IoT

Pangea Food and Beverage case study

The challenge

With limited time before the Christmas retail rush, our partner had to set up predictive maintenance and supply monitoring for 6,000 Slush Puppie machines in stores around the UK.

If a Slush Puppie machine breaks down, replacing the parts can cost thousands; and of course, while a machine is down for maintenance, it can’t serve any customers.

So they needed a way to prevent repair costs and detect problems before they did damage. They also needed to know when syrups are running low and need replacing.

We were called in to help with IoT and mobile data. But the Slush Puppie machines were full of complex equipment, so whatever solution we built had to be small enough to fit into very limited space without disrupting the machines; while also staying within a very strict budget.

The solution

A cost-effective 3-in-1 custom router that solved all their problems at once.

Combining our unsteered Multi-network SIMs, IoT sensors, and router hardware, we created a custom-built device that would fit into the confined Slush Puppie machine space, and connect securely to Slush Puppie’s logistics platform.

The router: 

  • Worked as a gateway to receive data from the sensors like temperature and vibration for maintenance purposes

Monitored syrup levels so the retailers could optimise their supply chain around the favoured flavours, while

  • knowing exactly when to restock the syrups and by how much
  • Came equipped with its own sensors and capabilities, such as interfacing with the CAN bus which allowed the machines to communicate with Slush Puppie’s software.

The result

By combining the three solutions into one, we kept the project well within Slush Puppie’s budget and timeframe, deploying the machines in time for the Christmas crowds. And as a result, our partner walked away with £1.3m in revenue, plus the opportunity to connect more Slush Puppie machines down the line.


November 15, 2021 at 05:58AM by Bartlomiej Szkaradek, Khareem Sudlow