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Sunday, November 14, 2021

Should Microsoft use its Surface branding on budget devices?


Microsoft's Surface Laptop SE is a bit different than other Surface devices, and we'd like to know if you're okay with that.

Microsoft announced Windows 11 SE this week, a new operating system aimed at education. One of the first devices that will run the new OS is the Surface Laptop SE. Both the laptop and Windows 11 SE are built for the K-8 classroom. The Surface Laptop SE looks to be one of the best laptops for grade school students, but it is the cheapest piece of Surface hardware to date. We'd like to know if you think the Surface brand has a place in the budget space.

Some people view Surface products as premium devices, so having a $249 Surface laptop for education may seem a bit out of place. Quite a few pieces of Surface hardware are in the high-end of their respective categories, at least in terms of pricing. The Surface Pro 8, Surface Laptop 4, and Surface Studio 2 all carry high price tags and are marketed as premium devices.

On the other hand, the Surface family isn't just about pricey hardware; it's about driving the industry. The Surface Pro lineup inspired manufacturers to take the 2-in-1 seriously. While not as budget-friendly as the Surface Laptop SE, the Surface Laptop Go pushed the limits of an affordable laptop. Microsoft uses its Surface devices to showcase an idea or form factor in the hopes that other companies will follow suit and compete within the same space.

So, where does that leave the Surface Laptop SE? Is it an innovative device that lives up to the Surface family's history of pushing OEMs? Is it a budget device that would be better served by carrying a different brand under Microsoft? Let us know in this week's poll and explain your reasoning in the comments below.

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