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Monday, November 22, 2021

Save nearly $50 on the HyperX Quadcast USB condenser mic


The HyperX Quadcast USB condenser gaming mic has dropped to $83.99 at Target, and Amazon has matched the price. This is a huge drop considering the Quadcast normally sells for around $130, and previous deals only saw it drop to around $100 or so. It's definitely a Black Friday price, and we don't expect to see it go lower than this. Although, you could use the Target RedCard and drop the price down to $79.79 there.

HyperX Quadcast USB condenser mic | $46 off

The mic comes with an anti-vibration shock mount, a tap to mute sensor with LED indicator, and four selectable polar patterns. There's also a convenient gain control adjustment. It's compatible with multiple devices and plenty of chat programs.

$83.99 at Amazon $198 at Walmart

The Quadcast is a great option if you're a content creator looking to record your voice without also recording the other sounds around you. It has a built-in anti-vibration shock mount for one thing, which helps isolate the mic from its surroundings. You don't want to pick up unwanted vibrations like accidental bumps because it just comes across as chaotic sound that ruins your recording. The shock mount protects your listeners and redeems that next good take.

You'll also find there's a very forgiving tap-to-mute sensor that's easily pressed when you need a quick pause in the recording. The LED indicator on the mic lets you know if it's on or not, too, so you won't keep talking when muted. It's great for those quick interuptions like a cough or a sneeze or your little brother running through the room screaming about being Superman.

Like other similar mics, the Quadcast has four polar patterns you can chioose from. These patterns are stereo, omniodirectional, cardioid, and bidirectional. You'll want to pick the best one for your situation when you're recording because it tells the mic where the sound it needs to record is coming from. The Cardioid pattern is a popular one for gamers and streamers because it's designed to pick up sound directly in front of the mic but not directly behind it. If you don't want to pick up the sound of your keyboard while you're talking and playing, that's the pattern you want.

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