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Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Migrating 10,000 cash machines from the PSTN to 4G mobile L2TP with zero downtime #IoT


The challenge

Our ISP partner needed to migrate 10,000 cash machines away from fixed-line broadband before the PSTN switch-off, without any downtime.

Working with some of the UK’s biggest banks, our partner couldn’t renew their ADSL contracts, since the minimum duration would keep them stuck on the PSTN up until the switch-off, at which point they’d lose service.

And because BT’s replacement service SoGEA uses the same old copper lines as the PSTN, it becomes less and less effective the further an endpoint is from the telephone exchange, which would put rural cash points at risk.

Upgrading to fibre would have meant waiting months or years for engineers to dig up roads, paying a premium all the while.

They were at a loss. None of their fixed-line options would cut it. 

The solution

Mobile L2TP was the answer. No need to stay stuck on fixed-line connectivity when you’ve got intelligent mobile data.

We built a mobile L2TP product for ISPs, letting them offer intelligent mobile data and static IPs on top of their fixed-line services without changing equipment or giving up control of their network.

Then we set up an unsteered 4G Multi-network service for the cash machines, keeping the same IP range that our partner was currently using.

After that, migrating the services was as simple as rerouting traffic. All with no connectivity blips or downtime: people could use the banks’ cash machines throughout the process with no trouble.

And our partner was able to end their PSTN service on their terms, rather than have the rug ripped out from under them by the switch-off.

The result

No downtime for the cash machines or hassle for our partner to set up new connectivity; just a critical service kept online, a happy customer, and a projected TCV of £2.9m for our partner.

Plus, the cash points are now fully future-proofed: with a mobile revenue stream, our partner is ready to onboard 5G as soon as it’s available. And if they want to switch to fibre one day, the mobile service will seamlessly transition into on-demand 4G backup.

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November 16, 2021 at 04:18AM by admin, Khareem Sudlow