Lucy Zodion’s Ki. platform is certified to latest TALQ spec for interoperability with other smart city solutions #IoT - The Entrepreneurial Way with A.I.


Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Lucy Zodion’s Ki. platform is certified to latest TALQ spec for interoperability with other smart city solutions #IoT


Sowerby Bridge UK. Lucy Zodion Ltd, intelligent street lighting and smart city specialist, is now certified to the latest TALQ 2.0 specification after rigorous testing at the Consortium’s plug-fest in July.

The new TALQ 2.0 specification, designed to be an easy to integrate RESTful/JSON protocol that addresses many smart city applications, reportedly ensures Lucy Zodion’s Ki. platform is interoperable and in line with a defined industry standard. 

TALQ plug-Fest

The Lucy Zodion team recently attended the TALQ Plug-Fest, held in Valencia, which was set-up to test and prove the 2.0 specification with other smart city solution providers. This activity proved that the Ki. Platform is interoperable with a number of smart city central management systems (CMS), which ensures that city leaders are able to manage an entire suite of smart city solutions, provided by multiple vendors, via a single interface.

Optimised by openness

TALQ Version 2.0 aids the development of smart cities by ensuring the solutions used to make them more intelligent are interoperable with others, should requirements evolve or priorities shift. It unlocks flexibility, offering freedom of choice and gives city leaders more control over the vendors they work with and the solutions they deploy, both now and in the future.

Lucy Zodion is dedicated to optimising openness and innovating with interoperability in mind. The new certification means that it can continue to develop its Ki. smart city solution with confidence that it meets the latest industry specification. This marks a shift away from proprietary models, in favour of interoperability; considering hardware and the interfaces that support it.

TALQ 2.0

The TALQ specification provides manufacturers with flexibility to define their own devices and functionality as needed, within a state-of-the art Smart City Protocol definition. TALQ 2.0 unlocks single vendor tie in and opens up flexibility for cities and municipalities to choose and adapt solutions that meet their evolving smart city requirements.

The Smart City Protocol is an application interface to bi-directionally exchange data, commands and programs between one or more CMS and Outdoor Device Networks (ODNs) from different vendors to enable configuration, control, command and monitoring of connected devices in the city.

With TALQ a trusted standard in the smart city realm, Lucy Zodion has confidence that its new certification will ensure that municipalities benefit from the solutions it develops, in line with the growing demand for interoperability.

“Our clear goal is to make it easy for cities to connect any smart city device to their CMS, so that any data produced is stored and displayed and can be used in any other Smart City processes and applications.” explains Simon Dunkley, secretary general of the TALQ Consortium.

TALQ’s goals tie into Lucy Zodion’s smart city vision which is ‘to unlock the potential of tomorrow’s cities with smart, open and sustainable systems that truly benefit the community’.

John Fox, Lucy Zodion MD, comments, “Our TALQ version 2.0 Certification has come at an exciting time for Lucy Zodion. We understand the growing need for interoperability and strive to provide solutions that match both the needs of municipalities and specification standards. The Certification proves our approach is suitable and compatible with the evolution of smart cities and, by working together with members of the TALQ Consortium, we can learn quicker and become more agile in such a fast paced and growing space.”

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November 3, 2021 at 02:51AM by Anasia D'mello, Khareem Sudlow