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Monday, November 1, 2021

Clippy returns to Microsoft Teams with a vengeance in epic sticker pack


Clippy, Microsoft's #1 employee, is back to crush it as a sticker pack fashion icon.

What you need to know

  • Microsoft Teams has a Feedback portal where people can request useful items as well as Clippy inclusivity.
  • Microsoft has decided to focus on the Clippy initiatives by bringing the famous paperclip to Teams as a sticker pack.
  • This is, once again, proof that our actions have consequences.

Clippy, once exiled by Microsoft for being a pain in everyone's neck — a little metal thorn in everyone's side — has been having a years-long comeback tour. Redmond has made him a wallpaper star as well as a literal icon, and time and time again sees fit to reference his existence. Now, Clippy is taking his fame's resurgence to the Microsoft Teams arena via a sticker pack.

As of October 28, 2021, Microsoft confirmed Clippy's sticker pack is hitting Teams.

Whether you're a fan of Clippy or can't stand the guy, it doesn't matter: In the meme era we live in, the googly-eyed Word document haunter appears to be here to stay. You will be able to use him in a variety of contexts with his sticker pack: Perhaps you want to spam Clippy holding coffee while looking groggy, or have him happily typing away on what we can only assume is a Surface Laptop Studio.

This is far from Clippy's first foray into the land of Teams. For example, he's appeared on the communications platform as a background. The sticker pack is just a reminder that he's expanding his turf.

Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Teams is constantly getting new, productive features such as call-enhancing audio codecs and AI-powered functionality improvements. It's also getting a big ol' dose of Clippy, for those who derive enjoyment from the antics of a sentient paperclip.

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