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Tuesday, October 5, 2021

RESEARCH COMMENTARY: What is the state of ecommerce in Belgium and the Netherlands?


Parcels in the Netherlands take an average transit time of 1.4 days

The Netherlands was also similarly affected by a second wave of the pandemic, with the Dutch government enforcing stricter lockdown measures to prevent the spread of COVID.


However, this did not seem to have worsened the domestic delivery performance of the Netherlands as compared to its European counterparts. Germany, the UK, France, and Sweden took an average transit time of 1.5 days, 2.2 days, 1.8 days, and 2.1 days respectively during the second half of 2020.


PostNL delivers the majority of parcels in the country -- it reportedly delivered more than 337 million packages in 2020 with a 55.5% surge in online sales in November 2020. Despite the increase in ecommerce volume, the Netherlands has proven to have an efficient logistics management system.

95% delivery success rate for Netherlands deliveries

During the second wave of the pandemic, tightened lockdown measures and restrictions kept Dutch consumers at home. As working from home was set as the default working condition in the country, higher delivery success rates were expected.

6% of all parcels were dropped off at collection points in the Netherlands

A survey by Statista saw that 4 in 5 Dutch consumers picked home delivery as their preferred delivery method. Moreover, there were only 122 parcel lockers nationwide in 2020. The worsened pandemic situation and restrictions weren’t exactly compelling factors for consumers to opt for an alternative delivery method to home delivery.


Growth of delivery alternatives in Europe

Despite the low usage rates for alternative delivery options in Belgium and the Netherlands, it appears that top retailers in Europe have started rolling out these alternatives. According to RetailX’s data on the Top50 Retailers, 73% of these retailers are offering ‘Click and Collect’, making it the most popular delivery option offered.


As more retailers start offering more delivery options, it will be no surprise that both Belgium and the Netherlands will catch up with the usage of collection points and other delivery methods.

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