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Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Preventing and Fighting Forest Fires with IoT and AI #IoT


Can Internet of Things (IoT) protect the forests from fire?

Sensors can be used to predict, detect and manage fire incidents in forests

With wildfires raging for longer each season and growing in number, scope, and deadliness, local governments are investing in Internet of Things (IoT) technologies that help to predict, detect and manage fire incidents in forests by measuring temperature, CO2 levels, humidity, wind direction and speed. Wildfire season always represents a challenge to local governments, and it is here when we say, ‘information is power’. 

Digital technology can play a major part in both, preventing and fighting wildfires before they grow out of hand. Forest Capsule V2 is an innovative and unique sensor solution for forest wildfires that utilizes IoT technology alongside Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to predict wildfires and mitigate destruction. 

Forest Capsule V2 measures the heat and carbon dioxide levels in the forest instantly and detects fire risk, while in a potential fire, the smoke and wind sensors detect the scale and course of the fire and the GPS sensor transmits accurate location data for immediate response. 

How to cover huge forests? The solar-powered capsules are robust enough to withstand dropping from a helicopter to the forest area and developed with a technology to function for a very long time with ten-year battery life.

Seidor and NetOP Technology can help you fight forest fires with the use of IoT technologies and smart sensors.

IoT Technology to Fight Wildfires

Forest Capsule V2 Benefits

It is now possible to be protected from wildfires. Forest Capsule V2 uses their sensors to collect data and process them with the assistance of artificial intelligence, helping to detect fire risks and prevent forest losses. Some of the benefits are:

  • Early Fire detection that notifies agencies with exact GPS location before fire spreads
  • Estimates the risk of fire before the fire starts with the help of built-in sensors and embedded AI layer
  • Collects environmental data and shares freely with non-profits, universities, and independent scientists for climate change and global warming research

Forest Capsule V2 Special Features

  • 10+ years battery lifetime
  • Embedded sensors: Co², temperature, accelerometer, smoke, and humidity
  • Long range: mesh network
  • GPS inside for exact location
  • Solar panel: generates power
  • Designed to hang on trees instead of being dropped off onto the ground 
  • Fireproof material
  • AI layer helps predict fire risk

Seidor integrates IoT Technologies with SAP ERPs

We do offer IoT Technologies to Retail, Manufacturing, Transportation, Oil & Gas, Public Sector, Mining, Aviation, Healthcare among many other industries and integrate those IoT technologies with SAP ERPs: SAP Business One, SAP Business ByDesign, SAP ECC and SAP S4HANA both on-premise or in the Cloud. 


October 6, 2021 at 07:41AM by IoT Now Magazine, Khareem Sudlow