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Monday, October 4, 2021

Lighting #IoT


Are you having a hard time managing all your lighting systems? Maybe Sky-Walker can help you monitor them all from one platform so you can focus on other problems. Read more below to see how Sky-Walker can help you monitor all your lighting systems.

With buildings becoming more and more complex in terms of systems in place, energy levels, going “green” and so on, the need for integrating lighting systems has become very important. This is also sometimes called building automation.

Our open integration platform Sky-Walker is able to easily integrate your lighting systems into a central interface. In our easy-to-use interface, every lighting systems can be controlled and monitored easily.

Also, because Sky-Walker is capable of integrating the other building, safety and security systems you have in place as well, you are able to make smart interactions between these systems. The benefits are endless, especially in terms of energy efficiency and cost reduction.

Reduce unnecessary energy waste

In Sky-Walker, you are able to monitor if lights are on even when for example the employees have left the building. Instead of noticing this in the morning, the operator can have a quick look with our software and switch off the unnecessary leaving on of some lights in the facility.

Monitor and control lights from a distance

Especially for large, multi-site and multi-building facilities, the ability to not only monitor, but also control lights from a distance can be very time-saving for technical staff.

More efficient maintenance

By using our mobile client or webclient, technical staff can use the floorplans and objects in Sky-Walker to easily find and check all the lighting systems in place. The lights are depicted as objects on the floorplan, and can also be controlled from the tablets or mobile phones.

Detailed reports on lighting systems

With Sky-Walker, you are able to generate detailed reports easily, on the spot, about all the lighting systems you have in place. This way you get many more insights about the occupancy of certain rooms, the energy use of certain lighting systems and so on.

Smart interactions with other systems

On of the biggest benefits of our open integration platform Sky-walker, it the ability to create interactions with other systems you already have in place. Think for example of a HVAC unit automatically shutting down in winter time when the lights are turned off when the occupants leave a certain room or area.

Choose the lighting brand you want

When you choose for Sky-Walker, you choose for freedom of choice in terms of system brands and vendors. We will never lock you in, by only giving you the choice of a specific brand or vendor. We are able to integrate almost every lighting protocol, and are therefore proud to say we’re a truly open integration platform.

How we integrate multiple systems in one software platform

The strength of our integration software platform Sky-Walker is to make separate systems work together. Yes, a lighting system unit is perfectly capable of running on it’s own. But by using it together with the other systems your organization has in place, the entire safety, security and building management processes can be taken to completely new level.

We integrate all these different types of systems into one, intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Smart interactions make sure that nothing is missed in your organization, and energy waste can be reduced as well. This results in a very high return on investment.

Lighting is often integrated with:

  • HVAC
  • Access Control
  • Electricity


October 4, 2021 at 09:02AM by Bartlomiej Szkaradek, Khareem Sudlow