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Friday, October 1, 2021

Critical connectivity for our partner’s retail suite #IoT


With customers ranging from the UK’s biggest coffee shop brands, to clothing chains and warehouse wholesalers, our partner needed a whole suite of retail connectivity solutions.

Retail is a high stakes industry, where always-on connectivity is critical. Shops can’t afford to lose connectivity for even a few minutes (broadband outages cost the UK £5bn in 2020 alone); otherwise, they can’t process transactions or log stock changes, and everything grinds to a halt

Cashless transactions are a priority following the pandemic, so ePOS is a must. Stores need effective CCTV to protect both staff and stock. And now that things have opened up again, retailers need instant connectivity for pop-up shops and festival sites. Waiting for fixed-line broadband just won’t cut it

The solution

We consulted with our partner and tailored the connectivity to each of their customers, giving them:

  • Multi-network 4G SIMs for their electronic point-of-sale handsets
  • Rapid deployment 4G for pop-up stores and remote sites, with unsteered SIMs that make planning a breeze
  • Private static IPs and private APNs for managing store CCTV suites and individual cameras
  • IoT connectivity for monitoring and predictive maintenance in vending machines
  • On-demand 4G backup that seamlessly kicks in during broadband outages
  • All on flexible contracts that protect them from overages and adjust to their usage, especially during lockdowns with major dips and spikes in usage

The result

In total, our connectivity solutions won our partner £2 million in revenue from these retail opportunities.

And now their retail customers can focus on running their stores, without ever worrying about broadband delays, outages, or overages.


October 1, 2021 at 05:19AM by admin, Khareem Sudlow