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Saturday, October 30, 2021

Core Venture Studio Questions #BusinessTips


Last week I had the opportunity to meet with the team behind a new venture studio. A venture studio, like our Atlanta Ventures, is a meta startup that creates more startups. Similar to an incubator, a venture studio brings all the ingredients together for new company creation.

Like any business strategy, there are unlimited number of permutations with no right or wrong answers. In the venture studio world, there are a series of questions that come up repeatedly. Here are the core venture studio questions:

  • What do you look for in entrepreneurs?
  • How do you find entrepreneurs?
  • How do you come up with startup ideas?
  • How do you decide which ideas to pursue?
  • How much money do you invest in each startup?
  • Do you take outside money for subsequent rounds?
  • How is the equity split with the entrepreneurs?
  • How many new ones do you start per year?
  • What does the recurring interaction with each startup look like?
  • How many will you have going at any given time?
  • What types of startups and business models will you do?
  • How do you define success?

Answering these questions covers the majority of the questions for the general direction of a venture studio. Naturally, the model evolves over time and answers will change, but the basic approach is fairly consistent.

Creating a venture studio is incredibly fun, and terribly difficult at the same time. Free markets and an abundance of capital make for heavy competition, but there’s always more whitespace to invent the future. Thankfully, innovation isn’t a zero-sum game — it’s additive to the world.

Want to join a venture studio as an entrepreneur? Want to start your own venture studio? Reach out to us and let’s talk.



David Cummings, Khareem Sudlow