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Thursday, September 30, 2021

Hillcrest by Scaramanga – British design classic


By Timothy Adler on Small Business - Advice and Ideas for UK Small Businesses and SMEs

Hillcrest office chair by Scaramanga

Beyond retro, this is a refurbished vintage office chair made in England by heritage brand Hillcrest. It’s a great piece of British design from the late 1930s or early 1940s with great art deco styling. Sit in this chair and imagine that yourself as an industrial magnate.

This leather and hardwood Hillcrest chair is in great condition despite its long life. It’s super comfortable because of its ergonomic design, wide seat and sprung-loaded back.

The frame is fabricated from solid oak, giving you that highly desired classic vintage look. The leather upholstery has a wonderful patina and the castors are also in good running order.

As you’d expect for a chair this old, it has some minor historical scuffs and surface marks reflecting its usage over the decades. These, of course, all add to its authentic vintage appeal.

The shape and tapering triangular feet of this office chair will make all of your art deco dreams come true. Despite its rich and exciting history, the vintage chair is offered in great condition.

Price: £450

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Timothy Adler, Khareem Sudlow