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Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Keeping focus and standing out by making your store the experts within your area


It’s never a good idea to spread yourself too thin - everybody knows that.

Going to a warehouse you typically know just as much about the products as the employees do - if not more. That’s because you’ve chosen what product you want and researched it from home. In this scenario, you as the customer are the expert.

But imagine this:

Going to a shop and getting service and guidance from someone who works with the product every day. That’s an expert. You don’t have to trawl the internet for guides and reviews - the guide will come to you.

Which do you think the customers prefer?

Keep focus on your area

My grandma said “If it can do too many things, it cannot do anything properly.”

Maybe she has a point. For instance is a Davenport typically neither a good bed nor a good sofa. This is why your shop shouldn’t try to be two things at once. Choose one area and become specialists within that area.

Clearly define what lies (or should lie) within your area of expertise and keep your focus on that.

If you are selling espresso machines it makes sense to sell coffee beans and product care for espresso machines. It makes less sense to sell tablecloths. But then you have to know everything about the machines, the beans, and the product care.

Where focus goes energy flows - and it is this energy and passion that needs to shine through in all aspects of your company.

Write texts with loads of information

Whether it is product descriptions, information about a brand or product category, or blog content your texts have to be loaded with information for the consumer.

In a shop selling espresso machines among 20.000 other items the client might feel overwhelmed and lost choosing a machine that covers their requirements. Should it be an automatic espresso machine? If there is no expert to go to, the customer can end up buying a product that doesn’t satisfy their needs.

Here you need to swoop in and save the shopper in distress. Make them feel safe and help them make the right decision - the consumers' fear of making the wrong choice might inhibit them from buying - and give them all the help and information possible to give them a good experience and find a product that is the right fit.

An expert is someone who knows everything there is to know about a product or service and they can answer any question the customers may have. Try to answer some of the most common questions in your texts.

Always remember that your clients don’t know what they don’t know; it is your job to get the important information across to the other side of the screen.

Make a blog to generate traffic to your webshop

Before the customer actually buys your product they will typically do some extent of research. Give them the possibility of finding that information on your blog; from there you can guide them through to your webshop.

The blog can have different topics where you give your potential clients expert advice. Some very clear-cut subjects are: knowledge about your products, tips and guides, reviews and tests, product care, and recipes.

On a page like Rigtig Kaffe it makes sense to have a recipes-section. You can use coffee in many different ways, and these blogs inspire consumers to go out of their comfort zone and try something new - maybe making espresso ice cream?

If your store is not food-related this section could be swapped out for something like “alternate uses of our product” but only your imagination is limiting the possibilities for blog subjects.

Rigtig Kaffe have blog posts like “10 good reasons to reuse coffee grounds!” and “Arabica and Robusta - What is the difference?”.

Are you still lacking inspiration for your new blog, try starting with something simple like “how to”-guides. Chances are the information you have about your products aren’t general knowledge.

Have relevant information on your products

You cannot stock products you don’t know anything about. It is your job to obtain the information needed to give your consumer the proper guidance, when they come to you for an expert consult.

Fill your website with good texts that apply to the client. The information given should be comprehensive and relevant to the product.

To make creating informative content about your product easier, focus on features, advantages, and benefits (FAB)

Features are cold hard facts often in great detail and using technical terms (ex. measurements)

Advantages of the mentioned features seen from the consumer’s point of view (what is the advantage of said feature?)

Benefits gained from the advantages (how does the consumer benefit from said advantage?)

Don’t spend too much time listing features - tell the consumer how they benefit from using the product.

Videos are also helpful to give the customer a quick overview

In this product description from Rigtig Kaffe they have used videos and pictures very well as visual aids clarifying the functions of the machine. The text is mainly focused on the features, advantages, and benefits, the consumer can expect of the product. Additionally they present you with a range of recommended accessories for the machine

Keep your selection of products strong

You need to carry any and every product your customers need - if it is relevant to your area of expertise.

Draw the customer’s attention to recommended accessories, such as care products, connected to the item or actually needed for the item to work. For example doesn’t an espresso machine do much good if there are no coffee beans - so make sure you supply both.


Avoid stocking too many extra products your consumers don’t buy from you anyway.

Your webshop should reflect your area of expertise

To look like the specialists you now are, give your webshop a look reflecting your area of expertise. It has to show that you are the experts.

A professional looking webshop will evoke clients’ confidence in your company - customers will turn down sketchy looking websites.

On Rigtig Kaffe’s checkout page are coffee beans scattered from the top and there is no doubt about their focus or area of expertise; a buyer of coffee-related products will know they are in the right place.

Quality over quantity

Efficiency has been big over the last decades - everything always has to be cheaper, faster and easier which have had a negative effect on the customer service.

To stand out you have to prove your quality, and customer service is a great place to start. Let them know you are there to help, make it easy for the consumers to contact you if they have questions about your products.

This shows that you actually have the answers and know what you are selling.

You are focused and therefore trustworthy.

Which is why:

It is better to know (almost) everything about one thing than knowing one thing about everything.

Congratulations! You are now experts.

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