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Monday, April 5, 2021

Vega Cloud and Stickley on Security team up to provide secure remote work solution #IoT

Vega Cloud, a technology startup that builds innovative technology solutions for businesses, announced that it has signed a partnership with Stickley on Security to help drive a more secure and compliant remote working experience.

The FBI recently released their annual Internet Crime Report showing that complaints of internet crime doubled to more than 791,000 in 2020 and reported losses now totals more than $4.2 Billion (€3.58 billion). The Internet Crime Complaint Centre received an average of 2,000 complaints per day in 2020 with business fraud being the number one category of losses for 2020.

Many industry experts including the FBI’s Cyber Division, attribute the rise in attacks to the rapid shift to telework that has created a significant number of cyber vulnerabilities for hackers to exploit.

“We are seeing an exponential increase in cyber incidents coupled with increasing sophistication from bad actors,” says Jim Stickley. “The explosion of incidents correlates to the volume of employees now working in vulnerable areas outside the secure corporate networks. The secure Vega WorkRemote solution is a modern approach significantly reducing the current vulnerabilities that are being exposed due to the pandemic.”

“The WorkRemote offering is a secure packaged solution enabled by the Vega Cloud Platform,” says Vega Cloud founder and CEO, Kris Bliesner. “At its core, Vega is focused on enabling a more efficient and secure use of Cloud technology and remote work happens to be one of the most relevant use cases due to the pandemic.”

Home networks, whether wired or wireless, are extremely vulnerable to attack. IT departments spend tens of thousands of dollars on intrusion detection systems that monitor their company’s network traffic to identify and stop attacks before they happen.

These systems do not exist on any home or communal networks due to their high cost and the expertise required to support them. Home network vulnerabilities combined with the proliferation of wireless networks has created a breeding ground for cyber-attacks.

The Vega Cloud team is excited to help bring a solution to market that addresses this issue without having to add expensive network equipment or replace end user computing devices. For a small monthly fee, business stakeholders can rest easy knowing their data is secure and outside of these vulnerable networks.

“Companies don’t want their data and sensitive information to be at risk of a cyberattack,” adds Bliesner. “Unfortunately, due to the pandemic and the increase in adoption of work from home practices, this is effectively what has happened. It is time we change our mindset and focus on security and compliance beyond the confines of office buildings without having to fortify the homes of every employee or the communal spaces they visit.”

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by Anasia D'mello, Khareem Sudlow