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Monday, April 5, 2021

The deals you need to know if you're buying a new graphics card


The Graphics card (GPU) market is a difficult place to navigate. There are dozens of potential cards and each one has a dozen different manufacturers. The prices change all the time, and a lot of times not for the better. If you're looking for the most modern card, you might find it's going for hundreds more than it should, which is unfortunate. You won't find those prices listed here, though, this is a collection of the best discounts on graphics cards from all over the internet.

One thing to keep in mind with graphics cards is that they often come with bundles and packages that we can't keep track of. For example, if you buy the card you can get a digital code for a free game. Be sure to read product pages carefully and check out what manufacturers are bundling with the card you're interested in.

Best GPU Deals

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EVGA B Stock graphics cards

Top Pick

There aren't always graphics cards available in EVGA's B Stock page, but when there are they offer some of the best value around. B Stock is EVGA's way of saying "Refurbished," so this section features cards that have cosmetic damage or have been used before. They usually come with a 90-day warranty instead of a full warranty. Plus, while already being offered at reduced cost they sometimes come with even better deals.

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Graphics cards are not in a great place price-wise, and they haven't been for some time. Honestly since the advent of cryptocurrency mining several years ago, graphics cards have struggled both to stay in stock and to see any sort of affordable discounts. These days, bots and algorithms do most of the buying online. Last year's issues with the global pandemic didn't help supply lines, either. The whole thing is a struggle for people like you and me, and it shows no sign of getting better. That's why we have roundups like this. It's not always pretty, and it's not always perfect, but it is as solid an insight into the best graphics card deals available as we can make. Keep checking back if saving money is important to you!

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