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Thursday, April 1, 2021

The Best Call Centre Software and Phone Systems #StartUps

Call centre phone system FAQs

What are some of the burning questions when it comes to choosing a call centre phone system? 

What are the main call centre phone system features?

What are the top five features you should be looking for when it comes to choosing a call centre phone system? 

  • Inbound call management – does it offer interactive voice response and automatic call distribution to make handling calls more efficient?
  • Omni-channel support – to assist customers via multiple digital channels, including email, SMS, and instant messaging
  • Outbound call management – auto-dials numbers to increase the likelihood of getting to a potential customer
  • CRM integration and an open API – to integrate your call center phone system with customer relationship management software and other business tools
  • Call centre reporting – a dashboard that displays things like number of calls taken, cases resolved, and time spent on the phone
  • Interactive voice response – a machine answering system through which callers can complete basic tasks like registration or payment 

What are the benefits of a call centre phone system?

A call centre doesn’t necessarily mean hundreds of employees sat behind a computer screen answering phone calls. It can simply be a couple of employees using a dedicated call management system, which assists with customer enquiries or outbound sales calls. 

Thanks to call centre software and phone system investment, businesses can benefit from:

  • Increased efficiency – calls are directed to call handlers with expertise in a specific area, increasing customer satisfaction
  • Improved customer experience – dedicated and trained call handlers ensure customer calls are dealt with professionally
  • Grow your business – train staff to convert casual enquirers into committed buyers, and show them techniques to retain customers that may have a complaint
  • Manage your sales funnel – dashboards alongside customer accounts will give you a bird's-eye view of your sales funnel 

How much does a call centre phone system cost?

A call centre phone system can cost from around £40 per user, per month for the software alone. 

The overall cost depends on the features you need (for example, whether you’re looking for voice-only or omni-channel customer handling), and whether you’re looking at purchasing handsets, too. 

If you are investing in handsets as well as call centre software, you’ll need to consider the cost of configuring the handsets, plus any installation costs. 

VoIP handsets can cost upwards of £100, while installation costs can range from hundreds to tens of thousands of pounds depending on whether you’re looking at a cloud-based or on-premise solution.

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