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Friday, March 5, 2021

How to Grow Sales from $1K a Year to a $1K a Day #Ecommerce


On this week’s podcast, meet Alex Schupp of Sports Obsession, a sports apparel and merchandise store.

Sports Obsession has over 20,000 products for sale, so they wanted a robust yet simple e-commerce platform that would allow them to do an initial mass-import of thousands of products. Alex rebuilt the Sports Obsession website with Ecwid E-commerce and brought the annual revenue up from $800 to over $200,000!

Tune in to find out how they successfully used Google AdWords, Facebook and Instagram Ads, as well as Google Shopping to market their Ecwid store online.

In addition to an overview of Sports Obsession’s success, Alex shares other practical tips that helped them to go from $1,000 a year to $1,000 a day in sales, such as:

  • Managing and organizing 20,000 products
  • Focusing on e-commerce
  • Getting high quality images for a professional presentation
  • Using Ecwid’s wide range of tools to market their products successfully
  • Gathering customer data to improve segmentation and targeted marketing
  • Increasing cart value by understanding fan psychology
  • And more!


  • "Just because you have a website that functions well and it directs people to purchase doesn’t mean that anyone’s getting there. So get people to the website, whether it’s people that already know about your business, or find an entirely new set of people that don’t know but maybe should know about your business.

    We use Facebook ads for that, we use email marketing for that, and we use Google Shopping ads for that. Those are the three primary drivers of traffic for us."
  • "Sometimes customers leave your website. So what can we do to get them to come back? We increase those conversions with an abandoned cart email. I think you could say that our email marketing does a lot for bringing old customers back.

    Then remarketing and retargeting. Say, a customer looks at a particular jersey. We will follow him back to Facebook and show him the jersey again and say: 'Hey, why don’t you come back for a 10% off coupon?' So those are our three levels of marketing and advertising: making sure everything functions well, bringing people to the website, and getting them back to the website."


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