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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

How to ensure a high quality of service everywhere for global IoT deployments #IoT

Enterprises launching global connected services need their cellular IoT devices to connect seamlessly all over the world. But setting up connectivity is just the first stage of deployment.

Running an international connected business that delivers mission-critical applications is an ongoing endeavour: end customers need services with a high level of reliability and quality, while enterprises have to commit to strong Service Level Agreements to differentiate their offering. The right tools are required to fulfil SLA commitments and meet customers’ expectations wherever in the world their devices are connected.

Join Luc Vidal-Madjar, Head of IoT Solutions, and Damion Rose, Senior Product Manager, to learn how BICS can help enterprises simplify global connectivity of their devices, and deep-dive into connectivity performance details at a SIM level to assure a high quality, differentiated service for their customers.

BICS provides simple, cost-efficient global connectivity for IoT. Its SIM for Things solution enables enterprises to deploy, manage and monetise their connected services on a global scale. Combined with SMART Webvision, enterprises benefit from full control over the quality of their global connected business.


  1. Find out how to simplify global IoT deployments with the latest solutions and strategies for connecting and managing devices anywhere in the world
  2. Understand the connectivity data available from your SIMs and how this can be converted into powerful and actionable insights
  3. Discover how BICS is helping customers better understand and manage how their connected devices are performing to:
  • Achieve greater control, ensuring a consistent service and the right quality everywhere
  • Strengthen SLAs with the ability to rapidly track, trace and troubleshoot down to the individual SIM level
  • Detect irregular usage behaviours that could indicate a threat to your customers and your business

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