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Friday, March 12, 2021

eSIM Market Report: Can eSIM be the enabler of massive IoT connectivity? #IoT


By 2025, GSMA Intelligence forecasts the total number of IoT connections will grow to 25.2 billion.

Breaking these numbers down, Ericsson projects 5.2 billion cellular IoT connections also by 2025. This means that, by the mid-2020s, cellular IoT connections are expected to number more than 60% of mobile handset subscriptions and growing faster.

The largest proportion of these IoT connections are expected to be low-cost devices that are small in size, have limited processing power and storage, are battery driven and expected to run for 10 or more years.

These devices must remain connected to deliver sensor data and act upon commands from remote locations, and they must do this securely. Secure identities are required to identify these devices and their data, as well as protect them from misuse by remote attacks.

The sort of use cases this covers are sensors, trackers, wearables and other low-cost devices that will increasingly form the backbone of the IoT – a myriad of data sources providing real time information on our world and how we live.

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What’s inside?

  • A massive IoT global forecast
  • Vital questions about the scale, cost and security of massive IoT
  • How eSIM and iSIM will drive low-cost IoT device growth
  • How an integrated SIM solution increases performance and reduces power usage
  • Comparing Plastic SIM vs eSIM with iSIM
  • What is IoT SAFE?

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by IoT Now Magazine, Khareem Sudlow