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Monday, March 8, 2021

16 Awesome Female-Owned Businesses Powered by Ecwid E-commerce #Ecommerce


A heartfelt Happy International Women’s Day to you!

How do we celebrate this amazing holiday at Ecwid? By celebrating women-owned and operated businesses all over the world, of course! That’s why we’re taking some time today to shine a spotlight on some amazing female entrepreneurs powered by Ecwid, all over the far-flung reaches of our planet.

A blog post can only be so long, but we believe that every woman who runs a business deserves a shout-out. So feel free to share your store or any female-owned business you love in the comments below. Get the word out and spread the love!

Hibiscus Heroes

Hibiscus Heroes was founded by Sowmya, a textile and fashion designer. Her fashion journey began in Amsterdam, and after 15 years of working for big brands, she decided to relocate to tropical south India. There, she has been developing her plant-based organic clothing line.

"Our clothes are made with plant based fabrics and dyed in colors extracted from plants, flowers, seeds and barks. Most of these plants grow in our bioregion Tamil Nadu India.

We do not use chemicals in our dyeing process as we love our land and rivers, and want our customers to experience the well-being of wearing Nature. We love slow fashion that has been handcrafted by the wonderful artisans of India."

The Age Edit

The Age Edit is an online resource started by Adriana Cicero, an influencer and an entrepreneur. The Age Edit provides thousands of young women with a daily dose of inspiration and guidance: "I won’t stop until I’ve paved the way for every single girl who looks like me."

The brand encompasses fashion, lifestyle, travel, fitness, career and finance, and e-commerce. The Age Edit has its own store where you can shop custom designs, vintage finds, and Adriana’s hand-picked selection of fashion and home decor.

Adriana also runs another store on Ecwid, Melanated Candle Co., that offers soy candles with unique everlasting aroma.

Iltoro Design

Iltoro Design was founded by Diane Lubbe, and specializes in minimalist furniture and architectural projects in South Africa, the UK and Europe. Their signature style combines the simplicity of steel with the warmth of contrastingly natural materials like timber.

"We are a proudly female-owned small business and brand from South Africa. We focus on delivering tailored, custom-made service to the interior and architectural industry, by custom making furniture for clients in Africa and Europe. "


RoseBYANDER was launched by Alexis Ander Kashar, a deaf civil rights attorney and entrepreneur. It started with a pendant she created for her sister, her mother, and herself—to symbolize "I Love You" in sign language, and their pride as members of the deaf and hard of hearing community.

The Love Sign Pendant from RoseBYANDER represents "many different kinds of love, including romance, friendship, familial, and community."

GRIGRI Watches

Founded by Clémence Hellebronth, a French woman living in Budapest (the heart of Europe!), GRIGRI Watches were born from the idea that individuality is becoming the new marker of Fashion, and will soon take over as an industry standard.

The brand uses an innovative manufacturing method that allows them to personalize even the smallest details of the watches they make, according to customer specifications.

"Our brand of customizable watches was created in late 2018, for developing the ultra-personalized watch market. GRIGRI watches are handmade in Europe and delivered worldwide. We create watches that are fully customizable and top-of-the-line, while remaining accessible."


Tlúwa LOUNGE is a Graphics and Marketing business made by "teen hustler" Tami Oyelakin, for young female entrepreneurs.

"I believe in helping all women achieve their goals in Marketing and Graphics. I use my platform on YouTube and Instagram to give FREE marketing and branding advice. I wanted to make my site accessible to anyone wanting to achieve their future goals."


A home decor store Indaba was founded by Irene Held and inspired by her South African roots. As it says on her website, as "an immigrant to Canada with two small children and no support network, she was driven to bring her belief — that life is better when you surround yourself with meaningful things that provide comfort, pleasure, and beauty — into reality."

Indaba has grown into a prominent home and lifestyle brand, and a flourishing mother/daughter team! Irene and her daughter Ali travel all over the world to source their designs.

Azerbaijan in a Box

Azerbaijan in a Box was created by Jamila Azizova, when she couldn’t find any gifts that reflected authentic Azerbaijani culture and traditions.

She decided to source her own original, quality, stylish, locally-made gifts, to bring luxury handmade gift sets made by Azerbaijani artists to interested consumers, worldwide. Each set gives customers insight into not only Azerbaijani crafts, but their people, habits, folklore and traditions as well.

The Studio Phantasmagoria

Co-creators Taryn Elise and Jackii Ramis dreamt of a collective workplace for themselves and other working artists and art makers. That’s how The Studio Phantasmagoria, an artist collective, was launched.

"Our Studio is composed of several unique women, each focused on her own field of expertise. Not just a workplace, TSP is home to custom clothing design and alterations, body piercings, permanent makeup and microblading, custom tattooing, private lessons and events, and an all US-made and handmade boutique."

A Louro

Ana Louro is an independent illustrator and designer from Portugal. Through A Louro, she sells apparel, prints, comics, zines, and commissioned work.

"I dedicate myself to illustrating what is important to me, whether it be socially, politically and artistically. I illustrate for all women!

I like my work to be an extension of my personality, which, although introverted, is bursting with a sense of revolt and discontent. So, in my store, a 'punk', 'riot grrrrl' aesthetic reigns, with countless references to these urban subcultures."


activ(ology) is a sustainable skin care brand and a small family business based in Australia. It’s run by Susane, Nakyta and Mikhayla Belkhiati. The brand was founded by a single mother of two girls with extremely sensitive skin.

"We have all been conscious of what we allow in our house, in our bodies, and on our skin for as long as we can remember. With this and the health of my girls as they grow in mind, we have created a business that is both Skin and Earth Conscious.

Psychologically, due our Counselling and Coaching qualifications, we predominantly work with female customers, and our aim is to assist with empowering and creating an independent mindset."

High Frequency Arts

Founded by Jill Lehman, High Frequency Arts is a female-owned and operated one-stop shop for artwork, art prints, and other made-in-the-USA artisanal home décor.

"We believe art is a powerful and often underutilized asset in our homes, organizations and communities. We also understand that purchasing artwork can seem overwhelming and stressful. High Frequency Arts was founded with a mission to create meaningful experiences and engaging spaces with artwork and friendly, affordable services.

We collaborate with a broad network of artists and makers. This allows us to offer customers a blue ocean of options based on their goals, style, and budget. At the same time helping emerging professional artists and makers gain exposure and opportunities to grow their careers."

Mermaids and Dinosaurs

Mermaids and Dinosaurs, a personalized hand-stamped jewelry store, was founded by Michelle Cox in the UK. She launched her store so she could follow her dream of having her own business and to be able to spend more time with her family.

"There is no quick money making scheme if you want to be an entrepreneur. It takes a lot of time, effort, and perseverance! You need to be consistent, connect with your audience, not follow the crowd, and try to reinvent constantly.

I’m forever working on new design ideas and teaching myself new jewellery making techniques to keep things new and exciting for my customers."

The Tall Spot

Founded by Sherisse Nickie, The Tall Spot is a Canada-based online boutique curated for stylish, tall women, who want to express themselves through fashion, but sometimes find it difficult to get the right fit.

"The Tall Spot came to life because I would have these crazy dreams about how cool it would be if I could be making money from my desktop and spending time with my daughter while supporting and empowering other women.

That is where an online boutique for tall women came into play. With the help of the Ecwid E-commerce, I knew I could easily sell anywhere, to anyone, across the internet and around the world."

Katie Hough

Katie Hough is a UK-based artist specialising in creating beautiful pet portraits. She accepts commissions from clients worldwide, and works with chalk pastels and charcoal to capture an animal’s character, creating pieces that her clients will cherish for a lifetime.

At her online store, you’ll find prints, greeting cards, and other gift items inspired by the Cotswold countryside, her Andalusian horse, Vistozo, and her beautiful house hare, Willow.

Chez Mama

Chez Mama is a caterer and personal chef service Julie Meeus launched four years ago, in Brussels, Belgium. After a few years, she decided to launch her own online store. Now her best sellers products and online cooking classes reach more clients than ever, all around the country.

"I focus on seasonal recipes with good quality products, and I love mediterranean food. Do you live in Brussels and are eager to eat fresh delicious recipes from home? Check out my online store, with my must have products as well as a weekly menu."

Okay folks, that’s our female-owned, Ecwid-powered business round-up for 2021! But let’s not stop the journey here: feel free to share links to women-led websites in the comments section, be it your own store, a local brick-and-mortar store, or an online store run by a woman across the ocean.

Together, we can help more people discover new incredible businesses that work to empower women, worldwide. Talk about a celebration!

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