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Saturday, February 13, 2021

The Surface Duo is set to receive Android 11 by 'mid-year'


The Surface Duo isn't seeing the updates we expect, but Android 11 should arrive on the device by mid-year.

What you need to know

  • The Surface Duo should receive Android 11 at some point this summer.
  • Our sources suggest that the Surface Duo should see the update by "mid-year;"

Microsoft's Surface Duo originally came out in September 2020. When it launched, Microsoft promised regular updates for the device. That hasn't exactly happened, but the device has received some updates since last fall. Now, reports and our own sources state that the Surface Duo is set to receive Android 11 this summer.

A report by Dr. Windows states that the major Android update will come to the Surface Duo "this summer." According to the report, Dr. Windows was in a briefing with people from Microsoft USA that work directly with the Surface Duo project group. Dr. Windows explains that the Surface Duo is now scheduled to get Android 11 this summer.

Dr. Windows adds that many of the changes that Microsoft has made to improve the dual displays of the Surface Duo will also make their way into Android's code. The report also states that Google and Microsoft have been working together.

Those that have followed Microsoft's timelines in the past will know that seasonal goals leave wide windows. Technically, a summer release could be as late as mid-September. That, however, doesn't appear to be the case with Android 11 for the Surface Duo.

Our own Zac Bowden's sources indicate that the Surface Duo will receive Android 11 in "mid-year." While that isn't a concrete date, it's not likely referring to September. Mid-year suggests a release around June or July, though any release date for Android 11 on the Surface Duo is subject to change.

Our sister site Android Central has a full Android 11 review that breaks down all of the changes.

The Surface Duo is set to ship to Canada, France, Germany, and the UK next week. It would be a nice bonus for Android 11 to roll out after the Surface Duo expands to more countries.

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