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Saturday, January 16, 2021

The Xbox Core Controller is down to $50 so you can game with a friend


You can get the Xbox wireless Core Controller available in Black or White and on sale for $49.99. That's $10 off its regular price. While not quite as good as the Black Friday drop to $40, this is still a decent deal if you're looking to add a controller or two to your setup (or maybe replace one you threw against the wall). The blue controller is available for $54.99, which isn't quite as good but is still a lower-than-normal price. You can find these same prices at Best Buy, too.

The new controller improves on the classic design in several important ways. The three biggest improvements are the hybrid D-Pad, the textured grip, and the share button right in the middle. The controller also uses USB-C for charging instead of MicroUSB, which is a fantastic improvement as well. It's also slightly smaller than the Xbox One controller, which means a wider range of gamers can use it.

The new D-Pad uses a cross-segmented style format. It's designed to help improve directional movement, menu selection, and more. The textured grips give you a more tactile feel and help immerse you in the game you're playing while also ensuring the controller doesn't accidentally go flying across the room because your palms got a little sweaty. The shoulder buttons really benefit a lot from the textured materials as well.

Similar to Microsoft's Elite controller, the new controller adds a share button. This way you don't have to go into the dashboard or open up menus to create clips and share them on social media. You can do it immediately by pushing this button.

The nice thing about this controller staying pretty similar to the previous generation is that many of the same accessories still work, so you can always improve your experience that way as well.

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