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Saturday, January 2, 2021

The Top Resource for Virtual/Remote Startups #BusinessTips


Most conversations I have these days with entrepreneurs has some component about virtual teams, remote employees, return to the office timeline, etc. While great work is getting done virtually, there’s still a strong desire to have an in-person element, whether it’s a few days a week or a few days a year, humans crave face-to-face with other humans.

Personally, I don’t believe there’s one right answer. I believe most startups will have both people working in offices (some dedicated, some co-working) and people working from anywhere they choose (virtual). The big difference now is that the in-office aspect of the future will be a much smaller number of weekly hours, on average, and much greater worker flexibility. Overall, a huge net benefit to society.

As entrepreneurs continue to navigate this new approach, there’s one resource for virtual/remote startups that stands out:

GitLab Team Handbook

  • 8,400 pages of text
  • Open and usable by anyone
  • Incredibly detailed and thoughtful

While it is geared towards an all-remote business, there are a number of excellent resources applicable to all businesses like managing KPIs and doing OKRs.

Every entrepreneur should bookmark the GitLab Team Handbook and know that whatever scenario they’re contemplating, it’s likely been addressed in the handbook.



David Cummings, Khareem Sudlow