November 2020 Newsletter #AI - The Entrepreneurial Way with A.I.


Wednesday, December 16, 2020

November 2020 Newsletter #AI


MIRI researcher Scott Garrabrant has completed his Cartesian Frames sequence. Scott also covers the first two posts' contents in video form.

Other MIRI updates

  • Contrary to my previous announcement, MIRI won’t be running a formal fundraiser this year, though we’ll still be participating in Giving Tuesday and other matching opportunities. To donate and get information on tax-advantaged donations, employer matching, etc., see We’ll also be doing an end-of-the-year update and retrospective in the next few weeks.
  • Facebook's Giving Tuesday matching event takes place this Tuesday (Dec. 1) at 5:00:00am PT.  Facebook will 100%-match the first $2M donated, something that will plausibly take only 2–3 seconds. To get 100%-matched, then, it's even more important than last year to start clicking at 4:59:59AM PT. Facebook will then 10%-match the next $50M of donations that are made. Details on optimizing your donation(s) to MIRI's Facebook Fundraiser can be found at EA Giving Tuesday, a Rethink Charity project.
  • Video discussion: Stuart Armstrong, Scott Garrabrant, and the AI Safety Reading Group discuss Stuart's If I Were A Well-Intentioned AI….
  • MIRI research associate Vanessa Kosoy raises questions about AI information hazards.
  • Buck Shlegeris argues that we're likely at the “hinge of history” (assuming we aren't living in a simulation).
  • To make it easier to find and cite old versions of MIRI papers (especially ones that aren't on arXiv), we've collected links to obsolete versions on

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