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Friday, December 25, 2020

HBO Max will stream ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ in January


Before Warner Bros.’s entire slate of 2021 films makes its way to HBO Max throughout 2021, the streaming service has a treat for Batman fans. As spotted by Gizmodo, the platform will start streaming Batman: The Animated Series and Batman Beyond beginning on January 1st

The two need no introduction. The Animated Series is considered one of the best Batman adaptations ever created. From an animation perspective, it was also a technical marvel at the time. Meanwhile, Batman Beyond, after some initial skepticism from fans, went on to become a cult classic as it explored themes that the comics hadn’t touched on extensively. If those leave you wanting more, HBO Max is also adding a number of animated Batman movies, as well as Batman Begins — though Christopher Nolan would probably prefer you didn’t watch his movie on the streaming service

Until then, you can catch another classic DC hero in action. Ahead of the December 25th debut of Wonder Woman 1984, HBO Max has added Wonder Woman: The Complete Series to its back catalog. And if superheroes aren’t your thing, some of the other notable films and shows coming to HBO Max next month include season one of Snowpiercer, Ocean’s 8 and Quentin Tarantino classics Kill Bill: Vol 1 and 2 and Reservoir Dogs. You can also catch all six seasons of Gossip Girl starting in January as well.

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