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Thursday, December 31, 2020

Business ideas 2021: E-bikes and e-scooters #StartUps


E-bike and e-scooter business ideas

We’ve come up with three e-bike and e-scooter business ideas that you could take advantage of in 2021.

E-vehicle rental shop

We already know that e-bike rental companies are a credible concept. LIME – still technically a startup itself – has already made a success of the e-bike market both in the UK and abroad, placing itself as one of the leading e-vehicle rental companies.

But as seen with the ‘Boris-bike’ scheme that celebrated its 10 year anniversary in July this year, there’s always room for competitors. And you don’t have to stick to cities, either – what’s to say that you can’t operate an e-bike rental shop in towns, or near cycle trails?

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, people around the UK have fallen back in love with local holidays, and with the combination of COVID-19 and Brexit expected to cause on-going uncertainty, UK tourism and e-vehicles could be the perfect match.

E-bike and e-scooter accessories and safety gear

With most new and exciting concepts comes a dedicated market of related accessories and merchandise. You only have to look at the regular bike market to see how many contraptions have been invented – from phone holders to electric horns for road users.

With more people investing in e-bikes, the safety-conscious among us will be looking for products that protect us when we’re navigating city rush hour on an electric vehicle that can achieve speeds of up to 15mph (it’s reported e-scooters will have a limit of 25.5mph).

Whether it’s a specially designed helmet, a jacket with special padding, or mirrors so we can see exactly what that bus is up to behind us, there’s certainly a market for some well-branded products – and it’s super-easy to set up an ecommerce store, too!

E-bike manufacturing/converting

More people are looking to e-bikes as a transport option, but to build and manufacture your own e-bike in response to the increase in demand won’t be easy. It’ll require a lot of initial funding, and then there will be on-going testing, gaining approval from regulators, and working out manufacturing logistics.

You’ll need to have an engineering head on you or a background in product design, and you’ll need to be confident enough to deliver your e-bike from design right through to the sales floor.

While we’re by no means experts in the field, you can listen to this podcast with the lead product designer of EVELO to gain an insight into what it could be like to manufacture your own e-bike.

An alternative – and one that is probably more accessible if you want to go into this market – is e-bike conversion. E-bike conversion involves converting regular bikes into e-bikes. There are lots of conversion kits on the market, but there’s still only a limited number of companies who offer a full conversion service.


December 31, 2020 at 07:11PM by Aimee Bradshaw, Khareem Sudlow