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Sunday, November 15, 2020

Turkey orders Google to change its online ad strategy


Google is facing yet another fine for allegedly abusing its search ad clout, although the financial punishment this time is less serious than its implications. Arab News reports that Turkey’s Competition Board has given Google six months to change its ad strategy after determining that the company abused its internet dominance. Its text ads supposedly skewed results by pushing some companies out of the results unless they made ad money for Google.

The online giant is also facing a fine equivalent to $25.6 million as part of the ruling. It has 60 days to appeal the decision, although it wasn’t initially clear if that would happen. We’ve asked Google for comment.

This comes two years after Turkey fined Google roughly $12.7 million for supposedly favoring some advertisers over others.

The financial penalty is trivial for Google when it makes billions in profit every quarter. However, the six-month deadline is another matter. If the ruling holds, Google faces the prospect of either changing its ad strategy or risking a ban in a country well known for its tight grip on internet services, including Google’s. It may need to strike a balance to avoid losing access to a key country.

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