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Friday, November 13, 2020

NJ TRANSIT strengthens passenger safety and operational efficiency with ‘intelligent and secure’ network #IoT

Extreme Networks, Inc., a cloud-driven networking company, reports that NJ TRANSIT, the State of New Jersey’s public transportation system, has deployed its networking solutions to extend network connectivity, simplify network management, and enhance passenger security across its service area.

With automated management and wired switching solutions from Extreme, NJ TRANSIT has deployed a hyper-segmented, secure network capable of maintaining full operational uptime and providing the security measures needed to help keep passengers safe during approximately 270 million rides per year.

NJ TRANSIT is the third-largest provider of bus, rail, and light rail transit in the U.S. It needed a network that could support all operational sites in its service area, which covers 5,325 miles across 251 bus routes, 12 rail lines, 166 rail stations, 62 light rail stations, and more than 19,000 bus stops.

The organisation also includes the New Jersey Transit Police Department. Services are provided to New Jersey residents seven days a week, 365 days a year. Maintaining this network is an enormous task for a 25-person IT staff; they require a network that is highly secure, simple to manage, and has built-in redundancies that help eliminate downtime.

Key benefits for NJ TRANSIT’s riders:

  • Simplified, automated network management: One of NJ TRANSIT’s top priorities was automating network management to free its IT team to focus on developing an experiential commute for its riders. To accomplish this, the team has deployed Extreme Switching technology and Extreme Management Centre software to automate time-consuming maintenance tasks. Extreme Fabric Connect software enables sub-second failover of links and associated switching systems, making the network more resilient to outages than competitive alternatives.
  • Effortless network connectivity for statewide transit authority: NJ TRANSIT uses Extreme’s Fabric Connect software across all office locations, rail stations, and bus stations in order to optimise the performance and reliability of their system-wide enterprise network. This allows the team to remove some of the complexity of the network and complete upgrades without interrupting services for passengers. Since deployment, NJ TRANSIT can support more employee IoT devices, has improved wired coverage at its locations, and has implemented data analytics services that will empower more strategic, customer-centric decision making.

Bilal Khan, chief technology & security officer, NJ TRANSIT says,“NJ TRANSIT is committed to providing our passengers with a safe, efficient public transportation system that they can depend upon. We have a vast network spanning hundreds of locations and thousands of miles, and we cannot afford any network downtime it needs to be resilient and secure while also being agile and easy for our team to manage.

Extreme fits all those requirements, and it gives our staff and the communities we serve peace of mind to know that our state has invested in technology that is up to the task.”

Norman Rice, chief operating officer, Extreme Networks comments, “Transportation is an essential service. It is integral for everyone to get to work, school, and live their lives. Any network supporting such critical public services must provide the highest level of reliability, security, and stability, as any interruption can cause stress for thousands of people.

Extreme is proud to provide a more intelligent, secure network that enables the operational flexibility NJ TRANSIT needs to deliver services to millions of passengers each year.”

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by Anasia D'mello, Khareem Sudlow