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Monday, November 16, 2020

Five great businesses born in hospitality venues #StartUps

Imagine you’re at the local pub with a couple of friends. You’re catching up; family, mutual friends, work – the usual conversation topics pop up. You mention how bored you are of your job, and your friends mention how bored they are of theirs. Then one of you mentions a business idea they’ve been floating around for a while, and before you know it, you’ve all come up with a business plan. 

With their buzzy atmospheres fuelled by morning coffee breakers, lunch takers, and after work drinkers, hospitality venues provide perfect places where people can relax and ideas can flourish. 

But as you’ll discover when you read the stories of our businesses born in hospitality venues, it’s not only pubs that hold the magic key to unlocking the best business ideas. Cafes too, with their fresh coffee, free internet, and relaxed environments, are the perfect places to come up with business plans, chat to potential customers, and discuss contracts.

Once our founders have shared their stories, we’ll look at how changing attitudes towards remote working are birthing a new era in the hospitality industry. 

With one in three remote workers saying they’d be happy to work from a pub, and 23% of remote workers saying they’ve worked from a coffee shop since the first lockdown ended in July 2020, does using designated space in hospitality venues hold the answer for small businesses that don’t want to splash the cash on leasing an office?

via by Aimee Bradshaw, Khareem Sudlow