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Monday, November 23, 2020

Engagement, interactivity, conversion: How to enhance your product page with 3D content


According to Baymard, an independent web usability research institute that conducted a 2 year-long in-depth study on product page UX, of the 60 top-performing US and European e-commerce websites, 82 percent — the overwhelming majority — are either “poor” or “mediocre” in their performance.

The product page is essential in the customer experience journey since it’s responsible for both providing the wow factor and answering all the questions potential buyers might have. A great product page often makes the difference between losing a sale and acquiring a loyal customer, which brings us to the point of this article. How can you make sure that your product page is interactive, engaging, and converts well? Let’s dive right in. 

Enter immersive tech 

Correct product visualization in e-commerce is crucial: 59 percent of customers consider visual information the deciding factor for making a purchase. In terms of importance for the buyer, it ranks higher than both product description and price. Yet 2D photos, no matter how good, offer no interactivity and little engagement. The same is true for video — the opportunity to pause brings little value since the user can’t even zoom in to see the product details. To solve this issue, retailers may want to turn to immersive technologies. 

Imagine the scenario

A potential client wants to buy a bag. He goes to the product page and sees four images of the bag from the front, the back, and the sides. Is it enough to purchase confidently? It’s doubtful. 

Now imagine that he can click the 3D icon on the product page and interact with the 3D View of the bag. He rotates the 3D image and zooms in and out. The bag looks great from all angles and the material has a beautiful shine. The leather is clearly of very high quality. The handle length and the brass snap closure are perfect, too.


Now that’s much better. 

It’s the details that make a product. If the customer can’t hold it in their hands and see every element for themself, photorealistic 3D imagery might be the answer. It brings the much needed physicality to digital stores, allowing users to interact with the 3D image. Customers can rotate the item, zoom in and out, examine it from every angle, and see it in motion. Blind spots such as stitching, embroidery, and invisible zippers are no longer an issue. Interactive content increases the ‘time on page’ metric and helps customers overcome the hesitation that they might feel during the shopping process.

Creating immersive content is easy

With the progress of technology, new solutions such as Cappasity make the creation of immersive experiences easier than ever before. There are two options for the 3D digitization of your products: The Easy 3D Scan professional software to shoot at a photo studio or the 3DShot app for iOS to shoot 3D Views with a smartphone. 

Let’s take a closer look at the 3DShot app. How difficult is it to create high-quality visual product content without professional help? Turns out it’s not at all difficult. 

For medium-sized products it’s enough to find a table in a well-lit spot, use a sheet of paper as a backdrop, place the object on the table, and capture the object with the 3DShot app. For small products you’ll need to print out the marker board, put your object on it, and start recording. That’s it!

How to get started

Installing the Cappasity module is simple. Just follow the “Modules and Services” link and load the downloaded archive to install it in your shop.

PrestaShop users will get a free one-year Pro subscription to the Cappasity services for their online store (~$1200 value). Make your store stand out with the help of immersive content!

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