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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Innovative Connectivity Solutions – Internet of Things Use Cases #IoT


Internet of Things (IoT) and Market Opportunities
Interconnecting everyday objects to the Internet through smart sensors. Internet of things (IoT) allows connected devices to be monitored and/or controlled from afar. Data are processed in real time without human interference. Such smart characteristics benefits businesses in loss prevention, resources efficiency, M2M communication, and more. Therefore, IoT is seeing an unprecedented market growth in enterprise management context.

Use cases of Wise Ally’s IoT solutions
This paper demonstrates five IoT devices use cases in different industries to
overcome the challenges. First, we look at asset management problems in
commercial complex, followed by how Asset Tracking Solution bridges the gaps. The second case illustrates how Smart Irrigation System helps an award-winning office tower to achieve its urban greening commitment. The third case focuses on a Rapid Response Device used in hospitality industry. The fourth case demonstrates a Remote Meter Reader in resolving inefficient utility management of residential and commercial buildings. The last case is about a Water Leakage Rope Sensor installed in a prominent 24/7 shopping mall and grade-A office towers.

The paper well indicates management difficulties across industries and how IoT is deployed to avoid business losses, facilitate management efficiency and optimize the use of resources. IoT is becoming the top priority in enterprise management worldwide. Businesses should seize the opportunity to improve both their operation and environment. Wise Ally is the best IoT end device solution provider for you.

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October 14, 2020 at 04:46AM by IoT Now Magazine, Khareem Sudlow