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Monday, September 7, 2020

Xbox Series S leaked render reveals console design and $299 price


Our first look at Microsoft's cheaper next-generation Xbox is here.

What you need to know

  • Xbox Series S console design has leaked.
  • The leak also reveals a possible $299 price tag.
  • Xbox Series S will launch alongside Xbox Series X later this year.

A leaked render has revealed the design and price of Microsoft's unnanounced and upcoming Xbox Series S, a cheaper next-generation alternative to the Xbox Series X. The console's appearance is somewhat more traditional, featuring a slightly flatter design when laid horizontally.

The console is white, and features a black cooling grill in the top portion of the unit when standing upright. It has a USB-A port on the front, and while it's hard to see in the render itself, our sources have confirmed that Xbox Series S does not have a disk drive.

In addition to the design, the leaked render also reveals that the console will cost $299 when it launches later this year. That should undercut the upcoming PlayStation 5 considerably, and allow Microsoft to price the Xbox Series X higher to accomodate for the additional GPU power.

Xbox Series S is just one part of Microsoft's next generation console strategy. The company is also launching the Xbox Series X, a more powerful, more expensive option for die-hard Xbox gamers who want the most power they can get in a console. Pricing has not yet been revealed for the Xbox Series X, but rumors suggest it will be upwards of $499.

What are your thoughts on the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X designs? Let us know in the comments.


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