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Monday, September 21, 2020

Vodafone Business and Landis+Gyr partner to make green energy management smart with the IoT #IoT


Landis+Gyr, a global provider of integrated energy management solutions for the utility sector, and Vodafone Business, a provider in IoT with over 100 million connections worldwide, have formed a new strategic global agreement.

The partnership will allow Landis+Gyr customers to connect their smart meters and smart grid applications to more than 400 networks in 180 countries using Vodafone Business’ leading IoT services.

Landis+Gyr will also integrate Vodafone Business IoT connectivity in their products and devices before shipping them to energy companies worldwide. This allows the assets to automatically connect to the best mobile network when installed, rather than needing manual set up.

The process will make it easier to build, configure and deploy large connected smart energy networks. As well as easing the installation, it also simplifies the management of the devices for Landis+Gyr’s customers, thanks to the ability to reliably and securely identify and monitor all the assets connected to the grid.

As more and more energy assets are installed and have to efficiently interact with grids worldwide, being able to securely recognise and manage them becomes essential. This is particularly true for distributed devices and green energy assets, like solar panels or the new energy storage systems.

Streamlining and securing the data connection from devices into the grid provides utilities with better visibility, helping accelerate adoption. This secure and reliable data connection is what Landis+Gyr will be able to provide under a long-term service contract that offers coverage access to multiple carriers.

Vinod Kumar

Landis+Gyr and Vodafone Business will also connect smart meters using low power wide area (LPWA) network technologies like NB-IoT and LTE-M, which offer high signal penetration and low power consumption.

These technologies will allow Landis+Gyr’s smart meters to seamlessly integrate with Vodafone Business’ NB-IoT networks in 18 countries and its extensive ecosystem of roaming partners. As NB-IoT is part of the 5G family, Landis+Gyr will be able to help digitalise the grid not just now, but also in the future, by offering their customers long-term service contracts that match the lifecycle of the smart connected devices.

Werner Lieberherr, Landis+Gyr’s CEOsays, “The partnership between Landis+Gyr and Vodafone Business, a global leader in IoT communication solutions, will allow us to further elevate our offerings to meet the unique needs of our customers today and in the future.

Together, we will be able to deliver longevity and quality of service to match utility asset lifecycles, creating the base for interactive smart grids with increasing intelligence embedded at the grid edge. This will enable our customers, energy consumers and entire communities to manage energy in a more informed way, making a positive impact on the environment”.

Vinod Kumar, CEO Vodafone Businesscomments, “IoT is key to the digitalisation of the utilities sector. Connecting assets will help manage energy better and support the safe integration of renewable energy sources into power grids, helping to reduce carbon footprints. We believe NB-IoT will enable more and more companies to be not only more resilient and future-ready, but also more sustainable.”

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