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Saturday, September 19, 2020

Managed Google Shopping for Ecwid Merchants: Hire Experts to Make Money for You

With news that Google Shopping listings are free for retailers, feels like a win — right? Free traffic from Google Search, eager shoppers ready to buy. Sound ideal?

Google Shopping tab with products to buy

List your products on the Google Shopping tab to reach more potential clients

If you’ve ever tried to set up Google Shopping on your own, using Google Merchant Center, you know that it’s not that easy. Setting up an account, waiting for approval, structuring campaigns, adding negative keywords, optimizing titles, images, and prices, troubleshooting if something goes wrong.

We’re not saying it’s unbearable, but it takes too much time. And that’s time you can’t afford to lose.
Ecwid wants to help you sell more, and give you back time — which is why we launched a new service for all merchants:

Managed Google Shopping!

Setting up and optimizing Google Shopping just got easier for Ecwid merchants. Now you can delegate the entire process to professionals and focus on selling.

  • We’ll make it shine. If you don’t have a Merchant Center account, we create one for you and connect a valid product feed right from your Ecwid store. No extra effort. Or you can connect an existing account.
  • We’ll keep it up to date. Continue managing products in the Ecwid control panel, we’ll sync your inventory with Google Shopping listing.
  • We’ll focus on return. You don’t need a service that never pays back. We’ll concentrate our efforts on ROAS — Return of Ad Spend, to maximize every dollar.
  • We’ll level-up the distribution. We’ll spread your ads across the Internet and Google surface: Google Images, Google Search, Google Shopping tab, YouTube,Gmail and even Google Lens.
  • We’ll be there for you. Despite the powerful automation of your selling machine, you will always have a human by your side: to support, check, and optimize.
  • We’ll improve efficiency. Instead of spending time on manual ads optimization, get better results faster with the help of automated solutions, like Google Ads Smart Bidding and Smart Creative.
Start Selling on Google

What Happens Next?

It’s good to know that you have an expert in your corner, but let’s talk about the impact.

  • Revenue growth. Your products will appear on the Google Shopping tab and in other distribution touchpoints targeting the right audience at the right time.
  • Profit boost. Continuously optimized ads perform more efficiently. You’ll get more return on each dollar invested.
  • More time for more achievements. Non-stop optimization and struggle for positioning on the Google Shopping tab will disappear, saving space for other growth opportunities.
  • Confidence. No more FOMO syndrome for you. It will be our responsibility to have it all covered, automated, and optimized. And you shift from management to control.
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Sounds Too Good to be True

To promise you that much, we’ve got a powerhouse partner in the advertising field. Who brings enough credibility and expertise to manage your advertising investment and success?

Meet Kliken.

Kliken is a deeply integrated service that helps SMB’s market their products on Google by providing automated Google Ads and Shopping campaigns. Fully automated, budget optimized and designed to drive sales. A US-based firm helps over 1,000,000 small businesses worldwide run ads on Google. Read how they improved ROAS by 30 times having a conversion cost of $7.

Ecwid Managed Google Shopping service powered by Kliken is a unique opportunity for Ecwid users to increase sales while lowering the conversion cost.

How to Sign Up for Managed Google Shopping

Google Shopping automation is available on Venture plans and higher for $10/month through the end of the year. It’s only 2 cups of Starbucks Cinnamon Latte a month! But don’t wait too long, the price will increase to $20/month in January 2021.

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Is Google Shopping Really Worth It?

Google Shopping ads drive over 76% of retail search ad spend, generating 85.3% of all clicks on Adwords or Google Shopping campaign ads, according to Smart Insights. If the retail industry bets on Google Shopping, it’s likely worth following them.

Andy Taylor, a director of research at Tinuiti, in his article on Search Engine Land predicts the Google Shopping impact will continue to grow because customers don’t want text, they "want vision!"

Expand your reach, grow sales, and save time with Ecwid Managed Google Shopping service.

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What do I need to start selling on the Google Shopping tab?

To start selling on google shopping for free you don’t need a Google Merchant account, you don’t need a Google Ads account, you don’t need an e-commerce website.

The only thing you need is Ecwid. Together with Kliken we’ll provide a free and secure online store, we’ll create all Google accounts and connect them to the store, and we’ll generate a valid product feed, sync it with Google Merchant Center, and will keep it up to date.

What is Managed Google Shopping service in a nutshell?

We will take care of account and product feed validation, we will keep the feed compliant to Google requirements, we will optimize the look and feel of your ads. Whether you will launch free or paid campaigns, we will manage and optimize them for the best return on investment. The service is only $10/month for Venture and higher plans. The price will increase to $20/month in January 2021.

Are Free Google Shopping tab, Organic Google Shopping, and Google free listing the same?

Absolutely, those are the terms that the Internet community uses to describe the ability to list your product feed on the Google Shopping tab for free and sell them without commissions.

Where can I advertise my products with Google Shopping?

Almost everywhere!

  • Google Search, next to search results (separate from text ads).
  • Google Shopping tab (
  • Google Images (
  • YouTube (
  • Gmail, ads that show in the Promotions and Social tabs of your inbox.
  • Google Discover, shows users content related to their interests, based on their Web & App Activity.
  • Google Maps, when people search for nearby businesses on or Google Maps.
  • Google Search Partner websites, if your campaign is set to include search partners.
  • Google Lens result page

Scale with Ecwid and Google

More time, more confidence, more sales, and revenue. More freedom! Get the growth professionals to the team. Hire experts to manage your Google Shopping and ads for $10/month.

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